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This page is used to store logs of #srb2fun discussions as references for the In development article. Any IRC discussion in which an SRB2 developer reveals new information about future versions of the game should be added here, the relevant information summarized in the In development article and the corresponding log linked as a reference. Instructions on adding references can be found in the Manual of Style.

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[03:06] <Mystic> In the meantime, go mess with the contest entries ^_~
[03:06] <Mystic> I entered something from the TUDD into it =P
[03:06] <SSNTails> I don't even remember Azure Temple Zone :/
[03:06] <Mystic> It's one of the stages from that massive old list of secret levels Sonikku made =P
[03:07] <SSNTails> I was hoping STZ would get make first :D
[03:07] <SSNTails> *made
[03:07] <Mystic> That is also in progress, actually
[03:07] <SSNTails> heh, cool
[03:07] <Mystic> Textures are being made, and there's a basic layout already
[03:07] <SSNTails> Does Eggman make an appearance? ^_^
[03:07] <Mystic> it's pretty basic right now
[03:08] <Mystic> no things at all except for the player 1 start and exit sign
[03:09] <SSNTails> heh.. you know what would be funny..
[03:09] <SSNTails> to have a certain 'mini game' in STZ.... ;)
[03:10] <SSNTails> could be the boss fight XD
[03:10] <Mystic> lol
[03:10] <Mystic> Honestly, I'm more being a little conservative with the secret stages, AJ
[03:10] <SSNTails> I have a pitching animation for Sonic's A2A8 frames...
[03:10] <Mystic> The real resources and effort go into the game proper
[03:11] <SSNTails> yeah yeah, i know
[03:11] <Mystic> As fun as that would be, I'd rather see a completed game with simple secrets than an unfinished mess with awesome unrelated secrets =P
[03:12] <Mystic> but yeah, give Azure Temple a try. Do be careful, though, as it's brutally hard
[03:13] <SSNTails> It's also fun to talk about all these things in the public channel ;)
[03:13] <Mystic> oh, I know. I do this on a regular basis
[03:13] <Mystic> The smug satisfaction lasts for HOURS


[03:34] <Tyler52> Damn, I can't believe I missed 2.1 info.
[03:34] <Tyler52> What was it?
[03:34] <Katmint> nothing special other than there is a zone named STZ in the TUDD
[03:35] <Katmint> the 2.1 pipe has been really leaky today
[03:35] <Katmint> :p
[03:35] <Tyler52> TUDD?
[03:35] <Badz> The Ultimate Design Document
[03:36] <Tyler52> What is the TUDD? for SP rotation stuff?
[03:37] <Blade> Tyler, it's basicly all the plans for the entire game
[03:37] <Tyler52> So where does STZ go in there?
[03:38] <SpiritCrusher> Under the huge list of secret levels
[03:38] <Tyler52> Ah.
[03:38] <Tyler52> Loves me some replay value.
[03:38] <SpiritCrusher> Which also include Aerial Garden Zone, Azure Temple Zone and a bunch of other stuff that is already in the game
[03:38] <Badz> Is it the third hyper level
[03:38] <Mystic> No.
[03:39] <SpiritCrusher> Is there a third hyper level? (you're so not gonna answer this)
[03:39] <Mystic> Yes, there is
[03:39] <SpiritCrusher> Is there a fourth hyper level?
[03:39] <Mystic> The TUDD contains exactly the same kind of secret stage structure as SRB1
[03:39] <SpiritCrusher> Cool, three super levels
[03:39] <Chiru> AGZ is first hyper, ATZ is second hyper?
[03:40] <SpiritCrusher> Also, find the hidden exit in the second one to go to the third one
[03:40] <Mystic> We aren't likely to do that, SpiritCrusher
[03:40] <SpiritCrusher> The hidden exit in ATZ is the nuke blast room
[03:40] <Mystic> It didn't work out well in SRB1
[03:40] <SpiritCrusher> I wasn't serious about that part
[03:40] <Mystic> but in all seriousness, expect the order of the secret stages to be flexible
[03:41] <Mystic> After all, the difficulty order in the TUDD has Azure Temple as easier than Aerial Garden
[03:41] <Mystic> That clearly didn't happen
[03:41] <SpiritCrusher> Good luck making a third stage that is actually harder
[03:42] <Mystic> Honestly, the design for that level is demonic, SpiritCrusher. I'm not worried
[03:42] <Mystic> STZ is super level 1 in the TUDD


12:04	MascaraSnake	Okay, I really need to clean up the "In development" page on the wiki
12:04	MascaraSnake	I have a feeling about half of the stuff on there is no longer true
12:04	MascaraSnake	"Additionally, act 1 [of RVZ] will be slightly expanded, on which JEV3 has done some work." [link to a post from four years ago]
12:05	MascaraSnake	"Three new weapon rings are being developed, although two are described as "experimental" and may not make the cut." [link to that news post from four years ago]
12:05	Nek0r	it's all true
12:05	Nek0r	it just didn't happen!
12:05	Mystic	Actually, both of those are still true
12:06	MascaraSnake	Well, the general sentiment is still true
12:06	Mystic	although JEV3's work is already in the stage as it exists now
12:07	Mystic	and there are still two serious plans for new weapons
12:09	MascaraSnake	Mostly what's weird is that the article makes stuff from years ago sound like it's still totally happening right now
12:09	MascaraSnake	I mean, there's still plans to add new weapon rings, but I don't think anyone is implementing them right now
12:10	Mystic	Actually...we even have most of the sprites for one of them
12:10	Mystic	so yeah, it's not as remote as you may think
12:10	Nek0r	the semi rail?
12:10	MascaraSnake	"Act 3 will be inspired by the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner shorts from Looney Tunes. Sonic will run along a NiGHTS track with a rear view. Eggman will either race against Sonic on an ACME rocket or lay traps on Sonic's path."
12:10	Mystic	yeah
12:10	Mystic	That is totally out of date and incorrect
12:10	RedEnchilada	acz3 is probably gonna be pretty standard as bosses go
12:11	MascaraSnake	"The missile that were used in the old Brak Eggman boss fight from 2.0 will be used in the first two acts as standalone objects." [talking about DCZ of course]
12:11	Mystic	yeah, I'd like to keep our boss gimmicks to more sane things that our engine can actually handle well
12:11	Mystic	Also probably not at this point, MascaraSnake
12:12	MascaraSnake	"The original plan for DCZ (which might or might not apply today) was that act 1 would be a short chase by Brak Eggman and act 2 would be a full-fledged level containing subway and sewer elements."
12:12	MascaraSnake	I really doubt this still applies
12:12	MascaraSnake	Like, I really doubt it even still applied when it was first said
12:12	Nek0r	MascaraSnake, it could apply
12:12	Nek0r	There's no "real" concept for DCZ yet
12:12	MascaraSnake	Except for subway and sewer elements maybe
12:13	Mystic	yeah, also out of date
12:14	Mystic	There was a lot of rather impractical planning about massive OVA references for DCZ in the old design documentation
12:15	MascaraSnake	"Arid Canyon Zone: Several started attempts for act 2 exist, which are probably going to be compiled with new parts added.[1] It will feature Sonic riding along minecart tracks, and while it has both above ground and underground areas, there are more of the latter than in act 1."
12:15	Mystic	All still accurate, MascaraSnake
12:15	RedEnchilada	all true
12:15	RedEnchilada	the first bit of that statement is especially true
12:15	RedEnchilada	god the current alpha looks like a shitty mishmash of stuff
12:16	Nek0r	have you added the skybox yet
12:16	RedEnchilada	not yet
12:16	Mystic	visual passes can come later, RedEnchilada =P
12:16	Mystic	although yeah, adding the skybox would help immensely
12:16	RedEnchilada	I uh haven't touched it in three weeks or so
12:16	Nek0r	You should build the stage around the skybox
12:16	Nek0r	it helps you get a better environment
12:16	MascaraSnake	RVZ2 being volcano-themed probably doesn't need fact-checking
12:16	Mystic	still accurate, although it hasn't been touched in years
12:18	MascaraSnake	DCZ and GEZ being low priority is also obviously still true
12:18	Mystic	yep
12:18	Nek0r	new stages? fuck them, let's remake shit
12:18	MascaraSnake	Although the full sentence goes even further:
12:18	MascaraSnake	"Dark City Zone is currently low-priority, and will be made after ACZ and RVZ are complete[6], if at all[3], due to a lack of gameplay ideas.[7]"
12:18	RedEnchilada	lmao fuck DCZ, when's the castle eggman 1 remake Nek0r?
12:19	Mystic	still all true, MascaraSnake
12:19	RedEnchilada	(seriously)
12:19	Nek0r	always
12:19	RedEnchilada	(that stage needs remade)
12:19	Nek0r	I began making the geometry for the castle
12:19	MascaraSnake	"ERZ1 is currently unfinished and is supposed to be expanded in the future, although this is currently not a priority."
12:19	Nek0r	and thinking of how to adapt it to the current facade
12:20	Mystic	ERZ1 still could use a bit of expansion, MascaraSnake, but the reworking of the paths worked better than expected
12:23	MascaraSnake	Mystic: Wasn't there an idea floating around to maybe cut out a bit of ERZ2 and paste it into ERZ1?
12:24	Mystic	there was, but at this point I think it's more practical to do a bigger split and try to create three non-boss acts out of the content
12:24	Mystic	because ERZ2 is too long and the boss gauntlet is bad enough if you don't get thrown back to ERZ1 if you lose at Metal Sonic
12:25	MascaraSnake	Boss gauntlet?
12:25	Nek0r	yeah boss gauntlet
12:25	Nek0r	race / metal sonic / brak
12:26	Mystic	but yeah, I figure the proper solution is to excise some of ERZ2 into ERZ3 and fill in the rest with a bit of new content
12:26	MascaraSnake	"If Dark City Zone is made, a new boss level will be created to replace the current one." [ERZ]
12:27	Mystic	True but irrelevant =P
12:27	Nek0r	ERZ2 needs to be cut where the teleports are
12:27	Nek0r	and compensate the short path with 1 extra room
2:28	Nek0r	ERZ1 needs to be less overkill IMO
12:28	Nek0r	less hardcore I mean
12:28	MascaraSnake	ERZ1 needs less shitty upside-down staircase :V
12:28	Nek0r	yeah, things like that
12:28	Mystic	ERZ1 just needs a bit of cleanup, IMO
12:28	Mystic	I think the core experience is pretty good
12:28	Mystic	Just fuck that upside-down staircase, I agree
12:32	MascaraSnake	"Additionally, it has been revealed that Sweet Tooth Zone, the first super level, is already in progress and has a basic layout and new textures made for it."
12:33	Mystic	True, but nothing really has come of it, MascaraSnake
12:38	MascaraSnake	Okay, that's all the stuff in that article
12:38	MascaraSnake	I wonder if there's anything else to add to it
12:38	MascaraSnake	Oh right, DSZ is being redone (or at least revamped), right?
12:38	Mystic	Plans exist and some betas exist
12:38	Mystic	but nothing major yet
12:41	MascaraSnake	Oh right, there was talk about adding a gimmick to GFZ or something
12:42	MascaraSnake	That's more of a "sometime in the future" thing though, right?
12:42	Mystic	Also on the books, but nothing beyond design
12:42	Mystic	The concept is fully thought out, but not at implementation
13:35 	MascaraSnake	Wait, so that ACZ-styled level you posted screenshots of in your thread
13:35	MascaraSnake	...that was the actual ACZ?
13:37	RedEnchilada	...I thought everyone saw past that awful lie
13:37	RedEnchilada	(those screenshots are stupidly early in development)
13:39	MascaraSnake	Anyway, I think it's funny how that section is pretty much the same idea as that one room in CEZ2
13:40	MascaraSnake	Except better
13:42	RedEnchilada	that room's one of like
13:42	RedEnchilada	three or four rooms in the current acz2 that I actually made
13:43	RedEnchilada	I think a good 60-70% of the current map is rehashed from old nev3r/shadowhog betas
13:43	RedEnchilada	(the stuff I showed screenshots of was mine)
13:44	MascaraSnake	That actually sounds like ACZ2 is farther along than I thought
13:44	MascaraSnake	Unless most of that stuff is garbage that somebody strung together in a hopeless attempt to get something playable going
13:45	RedEnchilada	well uh
13:45	RedEnchilada	I did try to only pick the good stuff from the old betas
13:45	RedEnchilada	but I make no claims of quality on stuff I made
13:46	RedEnchilada	but yeah, what I'd call the "main part" of the map is something like 60% laid out geometrically
13:46	RedEnchilada	object placement is uhh
13:46	RedEnchilada	and visuals are uhhhhhhhhhhhh
13:46	RedEnchilada	...visuals are my standard, let's put it that way
13:46	RedEnchilada	except the part I stole from nev3r
13:47	RedEnchilada	that actually looks pretty good (no surprise)