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The following is a list of all levels in SRB2Kart, along with the Gold and Silver medal times for each of the standard Race tracks.

Race tracks

MAPxx Map name Picture Minimap Silver time Gold time
Ring Cup
MAP01 Green Hills Zone MAP01-kart.png MAP01-kart-minimap.png 01:50.00 01:26.31
MAP02 Dark Race MAP02-kart.png MAP02-kart-minimap.png 02:40.00 02:07.60
MAP03 Northern District Zone MAP03-kart.png MAP03-kart-minimap.png 02:40.00 02:03.91
MAP04 Darkvile Garden Zone MAP04-kart.png MAP04-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:38.62
MAP05 Daytona Speedway Zone MAP05-kart.png MAP05-kart-minimap.png 02:10.00 01:40.71
Sneaker Cup
MAP06 Egg Zeppelin Zone MAP06-kart.png MAP06-kart-minimap.png 02:20.00 01:55.52
MAP07 Sonic Speedway MAP07-kart.png MAP07-kart-minimap.png 02:20.00 01.55:45
MAP08 Hill Top Zone MAP08-kart.png MAP08-kart-minimap.png 01:50.00 01:33.74
MAP09 Misty Maze Zone MAP09-kart.png MAP09-kart-minimap.png 02:50.00 02:16.11
MAP10 Grand Metropolis MAP10-kart.png MAP10-kart-minimap.png 02:20.00 02:05.08
Water Cup
MAP11 Sunbeam Paradise MAP11-kart.png MAP11-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:45.07
MAP12 Diamond Square Zone MAP12-kart.png MAP12-kart-minimap.png 02:10.00 01:52.22
MAP13 Midnight Meadow Zone MAP13-kart.png MAP13-kart-minimap.png 02:15.00 01:49.88
MAP14 Twinkle Cart MAP14-kart.png MAP14-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:33.65
MAP15 Pleasure Castle MAP15-kart.png MAP15-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:42.60
Lightning Cup
MAP16 Paradise Hill Zone MAP16-kart.png MAP16-kart-minimap.png 02:40.00 02:28.20
MAP17 Sub-Zero Peak Zone MAP17-kart.png MAP17-kart-minimap.png 02:50.00 02:22.17
MAP18 Sapphire Coast Zone MAP18-kart.png MAP18-kart-minimap.png 02:10.00 01:45.60
MAP19 Sand Valley Zone MAP19-kart.png MAP19-kart-minimap.png 02:50.00 02:20.88
MAP20 Megablock Castle Zone MAP20-kart.png MAP20-kart-minimap.png 02:25.00 02:00.57
Fire Cup
MAP21 Canyon Rush Zone MAP21-kart.png MAP21-kart-minimap.png 02:20.00 01:55.80
MAP22 Casino Resort Zone MAP22-kart.png MAP22-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:43.22
MAP23 Silvercloud Island Zone MAP23-kart.png MAP23-kart-minimap.png 02:30.00 02:05.28
MAP24 Blue Mountain Zone MAP24-kart.png MAP24-kart-minimap.png 02:50.00 02:32.02
MAP25 Petroleum Refinery Zone MAP25-kart.png MAP25-kart-minimap.png 02:30.00 02:07.88
Invincible Cup
MAP26 Desert Palace Zone MAP26-kart.png MAP26-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:34.14
MAP27 Aurora Atoll Zone MAP27-kart.png MAP27-kart-minimap.png 02:40.00 02:16.14
MAP28 Barren Badlands Zone MAP28-kart.png MAP28-kart-minimap.png 02:30.00 02:13.42
MAP29 Red Barrage Area MAP29-kart.png MAP29-kart-minimap.png 02:50.00 02:48.22
MAP30 Midnight Channel MAP30-kart.png MAP30-kart-minimap.png 02:15.00 01:55.62
Emerald Cup
MAP31 Vanilla Hotel Zone MAP31-kart.png MAP31-kart-minimap.png 02:40.00 02:21.25
MAP32 Toxic Palace Zone MAP32-kart.png MAP32-kart-minimap.png 02:30.00 01:55.31
MAP33 Ancient Tomb Zone MAP33-kart.png MAP33-kart-minimap.png 02:30.00 01:55.31
MAP34 Cloud Cradle Zone K MAP34-kart.png MAP34-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:42.71
MAP35 Volcanic Valley Zone MAP35-kart.png MAP35-kart-minimap.png 02:45.00 02:14.42
Egg Cup
MAP36 Kodachrome Void Zone MAP36-kart.png MAP36-kart-minimap.png 01:50.00 01:34.68
MAP37 Boiling Bedrock Zone MAP37-kart.png MAP37-kart-minimap.png 02:10.00 01:40.02
MAP38 Egg Quarters MAP38-kart.png MAP38-kart-minimap.png 02:45.00 02:20.57
MAP39 Virtual Highway Zone MAP39-kart.png MAP39-kart-minimap.png 02:25.00 02:03.37
MAP40 Eggman's Nightclub Zone MAP40-kart.png MAP40-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:41.42
Chao Cup
MAP41 KKR Ganbare Dochu 2 MAP41-kart.png MAP41-kart-minimap.png 01:40.00 01:13.48
MAP42 CK Chao Circuit 1 MAP42-kart.png MAP42-kart-minimap.png 01:50.00 01:28.31
MAP43 CK Chao Circuit 2 MAP43-kart.png MAP43-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:38.68
MAP44 CK Cloud Tops 2 MAP44-kart.png MAP44-kart-minimap.png 01:50.00 01:24.51
MAP45 CK Regal Raceway MAP45-kart.png MAP45-kart-minimap.png 02:10.00 01:45.51
Swap Cup
MAP46 SD2 Balloon Panic MAP46-kart.png MAP46-kart-minimap.png 01:50.00 01:38.20
MAP47 SM Special Stage 3 MAP47-kart.png MAP47-kart-minimap.png 02:10.00 01:32.51
MAP48 MKSC Sky Garden MAP48-kart.png MAP48-kart-minimap.png 01:50.00 01:27.51
MAP49 MKDS Peach Gardens MAP49-kart.png MAP49-kart-minimap.png 01:45.00 01:25.14
MAP50 MKSC Rainbow Road MAP50-kart.png MAP50-kart-minimap.png 02:00.00 01:23.25
MAP51 SMK Donut Plains 1 MAP51-kart.png MAP51-kart-minimap.png 01:40.00 01:25.80
MAP52 SMK Mario Circuit 2 MAP52-kart.png MAP52-kart-minimap.png 01:45.00 01:23.71
MAP53 SMK Ghost Valley 2 MAP53-kart.png MAP53-kart-minimap.png 01:30.00 01:08.25
MAP54 SMK Bowser Castle 3 MAP54-kart.png MAP54-kart-minimap.png 02:30.00 02:02.62
MAP55 SMK Vanilla Lake 2 MAP55-kart.png MAP55-kart-minimap.png 01:30.00 01:07.02
Community Cup
MAP56 Lake Margorite (by MK) MAP56-kart.png MAP56-kart-minimap.png
MAP57 Coastal Temple (by TG) MAP57-kart.png MAP57-kart-minimap.png
MAP58 Kart Airlines (by V.R.T,) MAP58-kart.png MAP58-kart-minimap.png
MAP59 Opulence (by Ivo) MAP59-kart.png MAP59-kart-minimap.png
MAP60 Crimson Core (by Ninferno) MAP60-kart.png MAP60-kart-minimap.png

Battle arenas

MAPxx Map name Picture Minimap
MAPB0 Municipal Meadow Zone MAPB0-kart.png MAPB0-kart-minimap.png
MAPB1 Tricircle Marina Zone MAPB1-kart.png MAPB1-kart-minimap.png
MAPB2 Tinkerer's Arena Zone MAPB2-kart.png MAPB2-kart-minimap.png
MAPB3 Clucky Farms Zone MAPB3-kart.png MAPB3-kart-minimap.png
MAPB4 Techno Hill Zone MAPB4-kart.png MAPB4-kart-minimap.png
MAPB5 Marble Zone MAPB5-kart.png MAPB5-kart-minimap.png
MAPB6 Colosseum Zone MAPB6-kart.png MAPB6-kart-minimap.png
MAPB7 Dried Battledune Zone MAPB7-kart.png MAPB7-kart-minimap.png
MAPB8 Eerie Grove Zone MAPB8-kart.png MAPB8-kart-minimap.png
MAPB9 Rusty Rig Zone MAPB9-kart.png MAPB9-kart-minimap.png
MAPBA Fantastic Tabernacle Zone MAPBA-kart.png MAPBA-kart-minimap.png
MAPBB Bad Taste Aquarium MAPBB-kart.png MAPBB-kart-minimap.png
MAPBC Spotlight Syndicate Zone MAPBC-kart.png MAPBC-kart-minimap.png
MAPBD City Skyline Zone MAPBD-kart.png MAPBD-kart-minimap.png
MAPBE Fakery Way MAPBE-kart.png MAPBE-kart-minimap.png
MAPBF Bumper Carts MAPBF-kart.png MAPBF-kart-minimap.png
MAPBG Death Egg's Eye MAPBG-kart.png MAPBG-kart-minimap.png
MAPBH Power Plant Zone MAPBH-kart.png MAPBH-kart-minimap.png
MAPBI Tails' Lab MAPBI-kart.png MAPBI-kart-minimap.png
MAPBJ Armored Armadillo MAPBJ-kart.png MAPBJ-kart-minimap.png
MAPBK Trigger Happy Havoc MAPBK-kart.png MAPBK-kart-minimap.png
MAPBL Mementos MAPBL-kart.png MAPBL-kart-minimap.png
MAPBM CD Special Stage 1 MAPBM-kart.png MAPBM-kart-minimap.png
MAPBN SMK Battle Course 1 MAPBN-kart.png MAPBN-kart-minimap.png
MAPBO SMK Battle Course 2 MAPBO-kart.png MAPBO-kart-minimap.png
MAPBP SMK Battle Course 3 MAPBP-kart.png MAPBP-kart-minimap.png
MAPBQ SMK Battle Course 4 MAPBQ-kart.png MAPBQ-kart-minimap.png
MAPBR MK64 Block Fort MAPBR-kart.png MAPBR-kart-minimap.png
MAPBS MK64 Double Deck MAPBS-kart.png MAPBS-kart-minimap.png

Map Hell

MAPxx Map name Picture Minimap
MAPH0 Crystal Abyss Zone MAPH0-kart.png MAPH0-kart-minimap.png
MAPH1 Peach's Castle MAPH1-kart.png MAPH1-kart-minimap.png
MAPH2 Arid Sands MAPH2-kart.png MAPH2-kart-minimap.png
MAPH3 Volcanic Valley Classic MAPH3-kart.png MAPH3-kart-minimap.png
MAPH4 Chemical Facility Zone MAPH4-kart.png MAPH4-kart-minimap.png
MAPH5 3 Color Drive MAPH5-kart.png MAPH5-kart-minimap.png
MAPH6 CK Cloud Tops MAPH6-kart.png MAPH6-kart-minimap.png
MAPH7 CK Dungeon Maze MAPH7-kart.png MAPH7-kart-minimap.png
MAPH8 Diamond Square Classic MAPH8-kart.png MAPH8-kart-minimap.png
MAPH9 PWR Retro Maze MAPH9-kart.png MAPH9-kart-minimap.png
MAPHA SRB2 Frozen Night MAPHA-kart.png MAPHA-kart-minimap.png
MAPHB Black Bliss MAPHB-kart.png MAPHB-kart-minimap.png
MAPHC FZ Silence MAPHC-kart.png MAPHC-kart-minimap.png
MAPHD SMK Rainbow Road MAPHD-kart.png MAPHD-kart-minimap.png
MAPHE SRB2 Meadow Match MAPHE-kart.png MAPHE-kart-minimap.png
MAPHF battal BOWL MAPHF-kart.png MAPHF-kart-minimap.png
MAPHG Peach's Castle B MAPHG-kart.png MAPHG-kart-minimap.png
MAPHH Blue Mountain Classic MAPHH-kart.png MAPHH-kart-minimap.png

Removed Levels

These levels have been removed from SRB2Kart, but are left here to show what was there.

MAPxx Map name Picture Minimap Versions
MAP59 Honeybee Industry (by fickle) MAP59-kart-11.png MAP59-kart-11-minimap.png
  • 1.1
  • 1.2
  • 1.3
MAPH3 Septic Quarry Zone MAPH3-kart-101.png MAPH3-kart-101-minimap.png
  • 1.0.0
  • 1.0.1
MAPH8 CK Death Town MAPH8-kart-101.png MAPH8-kart-101-minimap.png
  • 1.0.0
  • 1.0.1
MAPHB CNR Townsville Raceway MAPHB-kart-103.png MAPHB-kart-103-minimap.png
  • 1.0.0
  • 1.0.1
  • 1.0.2
  • 1.0.3