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This list contains map slots in use by custom SRB2Kart maps, or reserved for use by a particular person. Maps on this list can safely be added together in the same game without overwriting each other. Being on this list is not a requirement for any official release.


Slots Cup
MAP01–05 Ring Cup
MAP06–10 Sneaker Cup
MAP11–15 Water Cup
MAP16–20 Lightning Cup
MAP21–25 Fire Cup
MAP26–30 Invincible Cup
MAP31–35 Emerald Cup
MAP36–40 Egg Cup
MAP41–45 Chao Cup
MAP46–50 Swap Cup A
MAP51–55 SMK Cup
MAP56–60 Community Cup


Slots Author Status
MAP61 MKDD Pipe Plaza (Superstarxalien) In use
Super Mario Circuit (Redy) In use
MAP62 BarkPark (barkley) In use
MAP63–64 BarkPark (barkley) In use
Crossing Roads (Victorles) In use
MAP65–67 BarkPark (barkley) In use
MAP68–69 Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use


Slots Author Status
MAP70 Adventurer's Agency (GreatWario) In use
MAP71 Adventurer's Agency (GreatWario) In use
Azure Lake Zone (Ninferno) In use
MAP72–74 Adventurer's Agency (GreatWario) In use
MAP75–79 Aparte Cup (Lat') In use


Slots Author Status
MAP80 Aparte Cup (Lat') In use
Flying Battery Zone (Icefox) In use
MAP81 Aparte Cup (Lat') In use
MAP82–85 Turbo Pack Mega (Turbofa) In use
MAP86 Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use
MAP87–89 Turbo Pack Mega (Turbofa) In use


Slots Author Status
MAP90 Lakeside Speedway Zone (Starl) In use
MAP91 Aparte Cup (Lat') In use
Sonic GameWorld (ThatGuy1991) In use
MAP92 Pyramid Race (ThatGuy1991) In use
MAP93 Roosterpack (Toxicoow) In use
MAP94 Roosterpack (Toxicoow) In use
Humquat Farms (RobinE) In use
MAP95 3D Maze (Windows 95) (VAdaPEGA) In use
Desert Cliffs (DragonSwift) In use
MAP96 Galactice Reserved
MAP97–99 Angular Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPA0–A1 Virus Pack (bug) In use
MAPA2–A4 Bug Reserved
MAPA5 Bowler's Pack (SoupBowler) In use
MAPA6 Hype Resort Zone (VGBoy) In use
MAPA7 Starry Skycraper Zone (PKMNLives) In use
MAPA8–A9 Assault Pack (War-Dog) In use
MAPAA–AE Awoo Arena (Plom510) In use
MAPAF Plom510 In use (Awoo Arena)

In use (CTRTP)

MAPAG–AJ Dirk's Random Maps (Dirk) In use
MAPAK–AM Dirk's Random Maps (Dirk) In use
Apollyon's Battle Maps (Apollyon) In use
MAPAN Ivo Industries (Ivo) Reserved
MAPAO Bowler's Pack (SoupBowler) In use
MAPAP–AQ CTR Track Pack (Plom510) In use
MAPAR-AZ CTR Track Pack (Plom510) Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPB0–BL Battle Mode In use
MAPBM–BS Battle Swap
MAPBT SRB1 Knothole Base Zone (Pyro&Sunky) In use
MAPBU–BZ Nova Cup (Novaphyer) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPC0–C4 Chrispy's Content Creation Pack In use
Cole207 Custom Tracks Pack (Battle) In use
MAPC5 Cannon Course Zone (ThatAwesomeGuy173) In use
MAPC6 Kanna Reserved
MAPC7–C8 SeasideDoe Reserved
MAPC9 Chrispy's Content Creation Pack In use
MAPCA–CB Sharbs Shark Pack (Sharb) In use
MAPCC EggRock Highway Zone (Egg&Malk) In use
MAPCD–CF SeasideDoe Reserved
MAPCG Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use
MAPCH Chrispy's Content Creation Pack In use
MAPCI Joker Reserved
MAPCJ Scootie Reserved
MAPCK Emerald Coast (Evertone) In use
MAPCL Mandrill Maze (Trailblazer1) In use
MAPCM–CQ BarkPark (Barkley) In use
MAPCR Dig Pack Battle (Diggle) In use
MAPCS–CZ Joker GrandPrix (JokerTheChao) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPD0–D1 Cole207 Custom Tracks Pack (Race) In use
MAPD2 Cole207 Custom Tracks Pack (Race) In use
MKDD Block City (Trailblazer1) In use
MAPD3–D7 Cole207 Custom Tracks Pack (Race) In use
MAPD8–D9 D00DPak64 (D00D64) In use
Cole207 Custom Tracks Pack (Race) In use
MAPDA–DC Dig Pack (Diggle) In use
MAPDD–DE Reserved
MAPDF–DM Apollyon SRB2 Cup (Race) Reserved
MAPDN Jelly Cup (Jelly) In use
MAPDO–DT Higway Go! Go! Reserved
MAPDU-DX Latius (for Daytona Lationa Pack) Reserved
MAPDY–DZ Dig Pack (Diggle) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPE0–E6 ArcadePak (TheArcadeStriker) In use
MAPE7–E9 TheArcadeStriker Reserved
MAPEA Jungle Canyon (TheArcadeStriker) In use
MAPEB ArcadePak (TheArcadeStriker) In use
MAPEC–EH TheArcadeStriker Reserved
MAPEI–EL Blade Cup (BladeDash) In use
MAPEM Subsonic Pack (BladeDash) In use
MAPEN–EO Mizu Pack (Mizu) In use
MAPEP–ER Mizu Pack (Mizu) Reserved
MAPES–EW Sentientfoxxo Reserved
MAPEX MK8 Excitebike Arena (Genstar) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPF0 Nightlight Ruins Zone K (SteelT) In use
Fickle Hearts (fickleheart) In use
MAPF1–F4 Fickle Hearts (fickleheart) In use
MAPF5–F7 Milk Pack (Broken Flash Drive) In use
MAPF8–FC Subsonic Pack (BladeDash) In use
MAPFB–FC Reserved
MAPFD Freedom Cup (Keimei711) In use
MAPFE Windy Canyon (Mustard) Reserved
MAPFF MC Princess Diaries (minenice) In use
Freedom Cup (Keimei711) In use
MAPFG–FH Fickle Hearts (fickleheart) In use
MAPFI - Free
MAPFJ Freedom Cup (Keimei711) In use
MAPFK Dig Pack Battle (Diggle) In use
MAPFL–FM Fickle Hearts (fickleheart) In use
MAPFN BarkPark (Barkley) In use
MAPFO - Free
MAPFP Futaba's Palace (Keimei711) In use
MAPFQ–FR Plom Pack (Plom510) In use
MAPFS Freedom Cup (Keimei711) In use
MAPFT–FX SMKRemix (Callmore) In use
MAPFY Scootie Reserved
MAPFZ Guil Tracks (Guil) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPG0 Labyrinth Zone (.Jazz.) In use
MAPG1–G5 Glaber Reserved
MAPG6 Emerald Lake Zone (Glaber) In use
MAPG7–G9 Glaber Reserved
MAPGA–GF Abstraction Pack (Chaobrother) In use
MAPGG The Reef (minenice) In use
MAPGH–GM Abstraction Pack (Chaobrother) In use
MAPGN Chengi's Track Attack Pack (Chengi) In use
MAPGO–GP Abstraction Pack (Chaobrother) In use
MAPGQ Chengi's Track Attack Pack (Chengi) In use
MAPGR Duncan/duncanacnud Reserved
MAPGS - Free
MAPGT Chengi's Track Attack Pack (Chengi) In use
MAPGU Scootie Reserved
MAPGV Guil Tracks (Guil) In use
SMK Ghost Valley 1 (Wookywok) In use
MAPGW Chengi's Track Attack Pack (Chengi) In use
MAPGX Wolfy Reserved
MAPGY Chengi's Track Attack Pack (Chengi) In use
MAPGZ Mechonis Core (GoldRush) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPHE–HF hell battle
MAPHI Insanity Pack (StardustSpeedway) In use
Everything is Terrible (D00D64) In use
MAPHJ–HL Everything is Terrible (D00D64) In use
MAPHM Virtual Raceway (Icefox) In use
MAPHN–HP Lighto Pack (Lighto) In use
MAPHQ Scootie Reserved
MAPHR SMO RC Car Circuit (Hotel Random) In use
MAPHS Lighto Pack (Lighto) In use
MAPHT davidflyswag Reserved
MAPHU Hellscape (Scootie) Reserved
MAPHV davidflyswag Reserved
MAPHW–HX Hellscape (Scootie) In use
MAPHY SMK Donut Plains 1 Remix (Joshyflip) In use
MAPHZ Reality Collapse Zone (JugadorXEI) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPI0 Mystic Cave Zone (ManimiFire) In use
MAPI1–IF Kart Mania (Super Chris) In use
MAPIG–IK Latius (for Initial D Kart) Reserved
MAPIL–IQ Kart Mania (Super Chris) In use
MAPIR–IZ Super Chris Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPJ0 Flower Coast Zone (TrustyGun) In use
MAPJ1 Kart Mania (Super Chris) In use
Sharbs Shark Pack (Sharb) In use
MAPJ2 Kart Mania (Super Chris) In use
LemonCupPack (Joshygamer) In use
Sharbs Shark Pack (Sharb) In use
MAPJ3–JD Kart Mania (Super Chris) In use
MAPJE–JF Reserved
MAPJQ–JZ Super Chris Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPK0–KA Masters Pack (LazyMK) In use
MAPKB–KJ Reserved
MAPKK Firework917 Reserved
MAPKL Spike Reserved
MAPKM–KV ΩTracks (Mr.Logan) In use
MAPKW Mr.Logan Reserved
MAPKX–KZ Masters Pack (LazyMK) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPL0–L1 Plom510 Reserved
MAPL2–L3 Plom Pack (Plom510) In use
MAPL4–L7 Plom510 Reserved
MAPL8 Plom Pack (Plom510) In use
MAPL9–LZ Plom510 Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPM0–M9 μpak (Eldog) In use
MAPMA Green Greens (Maximus Universal) In use
μpak (Eldog) In use
MAPMB–MC μpak (Eldog) In use
MAPMD–MG Eldog Reserved
MAPMH Plom Pack (Plom510) In use
MAPMI Eldog Reserved
MAPML Mermaid Lake (Mocha) In use
Eldog Reserved
MAPMM–MQ Eldog Reserved
MAPMR Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use
MAPMS–MT Eldog Reserved
MAPMU Underground Grotto (Kiylo) In use
MAPMV–MW Eldog Reserved
MAPMX–MZ μpak (Eldog) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPN0–NC Nightmare Pack (Ninferno) In use
MAPND–NG Driftcrest Pack (Scootie) In use
MAPNI Nico's Smile Zone (Brainlessdude) In use
MAPNK Chengi's Track Attack Pack (Chengi) In use
MAPNL–NM Dig Pack (Diggle) In use
MAPNS–NT Nostalgia Pack (Weblorex) In use
MAPNV–NW Nostalgia Pack (Weblorex) In use
MAPNZ Nostalgia Pack (Weblorex) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPO0 Pure Reserved
MAPO1–OI Dreamscape Gardens (RoyKirbs) In use
MAPOJ TSR Sand Road (BladeDash) In use
MAPOK Dreamscape Gardens (RoyKirbs) In use
MAPOL Supermarket Sweep Zone (Tininsteelian) In use
MAPOM–OP Dreamscape Gardens (RoyKirbs) In use
MAPOQ–OR Pure Reserved
MAPOS Dreamscape Gardens (RoyKirbs) In use
MAPOZ Mine Diamonds (Snaker) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPP0–P3 Slipgate Cup (Scootie) In use
MAPP4 Reserved
MAPP5 Plom Pack (Plom510) Reserved
MAPP6 In use
MAPP7–P9 Reserved
MAPPA In use
MAPPB Dragon Pack (Hiryuu) In use
MAPPC R. A. Extended (FaytxStay) In use
MAPPD Reserved
MAPPJ–PP Plom Pack (Plom510) In use
MAPPQ–PR Dragon Pack (Hiryuu) In use
MAPPS Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use
MAPPT Niko Reiesu Reserved
MAPPU–PX Dragon Pack (Hiryuu) In use
MAPPY towai Reserved
MAPPZ Kart Z Ports (Julie Hikari) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPQ0–QT Kart Z Ports (Julie Hikari) In use
MAPQU Julie Hikari Reserved
MAPQV–QZ Dragon Pack (Hiryuu) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPR0 SIHT Map Contest Pack (Eldog) In use
MAPR1 Medieval Midway Castle (Swagyninja) In use
SIHT Map Contest Pack (Collab) In use
MAPR2–RE SIHT Map Contest Pack (Collab) In use
MAPRF–RZ SIHT Map Contest Pack (Collab) Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPS0–S3 Insanity Pack (StardustSpeedway) In use
MAPS4–S6 SUPERMETAL (SuperStarXalien) In use
MAPS7 Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use
MAPS8 Turbo Pack Mega (turbofa) In use
MAPS9 Sunset Park (Mustard) In use
MAPSA Mayday Submarine (CrayFray) In use
MAPSB–SG BarkPark (barkley) In use
MAPSH Sunset Hill Zone (QuikSilver-TH) In use
MAPSI barkley Reserved
MAPSJ Mango-Lounge Map Pack (Justburner) In use
MAPSK barkley Reserved
MAPSL Sharbs Shark Pack (Sharb) In use
MAPSM Dig Pack Battle (Diggle) In use
MAPSN Serpent Shrine Zone (Brainfrost) In use
MAPSO Space Pinball [Pizza Tower] (Patafoin) In use
MAPSP Mango-Lounge Map Pack (Justburner) In use
Seiryu Lake Zone (Keimei711) In use
MAPSQ Kurzov Reserved
MAPSR–SS Hakurei Shrine (Kurzov) In use
MAPST AxelMoon Reserved
MAPSU–SV Bowler's Pack (SoupBowler) In use
MAPSW MKSC Bowser Castle 1 (Snu) In use
MAPSX–SZ Bowler's Pack (SoupBowler) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPT0–T7 Twisted Metal Pack (Joey The Fox) In use
MAPT8–T9 Reserved
MAPTA Dinosaur Canyon (Pilzkopf) In use
MAPTB Dire Canyon Zone (Pilzkopf) In use
MAPTC RBLX Rocket Arena (Superstarxalien) In use
MAPTD - Free
MAPTE BarkPark (Barkley) In use
MAPTF Sunset Canyon (HeyImTG) In use
MAPTG–TJ BarkPark (Barkley) In use
MAPTK Barkley Reserved
MAPTL Assault Pack (War-Dog) In use
MAPTM–TR Raivolt Reserved
MAPTS Three-Seven Speedway (Bluegen) In use
MAPTT Aurora Cup (Starl) Reserved
MAPTU In use
MAPTV Reserved
MAPTW In use
MAPTX–TZ Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPU0 SFA Simple Map 1 (ThatAwesomeGuy173) In use
MAPU1–UA Ivo Industries Track Pack (IvoYaridovich) In use
MAPUB–UE Teyla Reserved
MAPUF Seraph Speedway (Teyla) In use
MAPUG Beige Beach Zone (ProfessorRenderer) In use
MAPUH–UJ ProfessorRenderer Reserved
MAPUM–UT Marsh Mayhem Pack (Menacing Marshmallow) In use
MAPUU MK8D Urchin Underpass (Flare957) In use
MAPUV Ivo Industries Track Pack (IvoYaridovich) In use
MAPUW–UZ Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPV0–V7 Turbo Flash Pack (Victor Rush Turbo) In use
MAPV8–V9 Jana Sol Reserved
MAPVA–VH Spark Cup (Starman91) In use
MAPVI–VL Reserved
MAPVM–VN Jana Sol Reserved
MAPVO–VR Victor Rush Turbo Reserved
MAPVS Jana Sol & Mylo the Wolf Reserved
MAPVT Jana Sol Reserved
MAPVX Scootie Reserved
MAPVY Jana Sol & Mylo the Wolf Reserved
MAPVZ Jana Sol Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPW0–W5 VR_ARENA (Eldog) In use
MAPW6–WK Joker GrandPrix (JokerTheChao) Reserved
MAPWL Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use
MAPWM Dig Pack (Diggle) In use
MAPWN Dakras Reserved
MAPWO Geothermal Fortress (JEFFERoW2) In use
MAPWY Cookie Country (InstableGriff) In use
MAPWZ InstableGriff Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPX0 Angel Arrow Zone (zxyspku) In use
MAPX1 Sharbs Shark Pack (Sharb) In use
MAPX2–X3 XG5's TAP (XG5) In use
MAPX4 Free
MAPX5–X6 Dimension Break (Tyonic) In use
MAPX7–XB Reserved
MAPXC XG5's TAP (XG5) In use
MAPXE XG5's TAP (XG5) In use
MAPXG Dig Pack Battle In use
MAPXF–XI ProfessorRenderer Reserved
MAPXL–XM Spiritron Cup (Gunla) In use
MAPXN–XO Gunla Reserved
MAPXP Spiritron Cup (Gunla) In use
MAPXQ - Free
MAPXR Hilltop Peaks (TeenBlade) In use
MAPXS Omnix Reserved
MAPXT BIONICLE Sky Temple (ToaTom) In use
MAPXU Beach Palace (UltimeP) In use
MAPXV–XW Rin's Map Pack (NeoticRin) In use
MAPXX–XZ Reserved


Slots Author Status
MAPY0 Tiny Island Zone (Mollycat) In use
MAPY1–Y3 Aether Cup (Barki) In use
MAPY4–Y5 Reserved
MAPY6–Y9 Melon Pack (BMongrel) In use
MAPYA–YH Epic Cup (Twins'R'Awesome) In use
MAPYI–YK Gizmo Reserved
MAPYL–YP Mr.Logan Reserved
MAPYQ–YT Marbula Racing Cup (Ghostgodzilla) In use
MAPYU Reserved
MAPYV–YX Omnix Pack (Omnix) In use
MAPYY–YZ Melon Pack (BMongrel) In use


Slots Author Status
MAPZ0 Mr.Logan Reserved
MAPZ1–Z2 ΩmegaTracks (Mr.Logan) In use
MAPZ3 Mr.Logan Reserved
MAPZ4–ZF The SMK Electric Boogaloo (BMongrel) In use
MAPZG–ZH Abstraction Pack (Chaobrother) In use
MAPZI Reserved
MAPZN–ZQ Chaobrother Reserved
MAPZR–ZT BMongrel Reserved
MAPZU JoelTheGreat45 Reserved
MAPZV–ZW Bowler's Pack (SoupBowler) In use
MAPZX Melon Pack (BMongrel) In use
MAPZY Bowler's Pack (SoupBowler) In use
MAPZZ Mr.Logan Reserved
Slots Cup
MAPZZ Unused Podium Evaluation Map1

1 While this map slot contains an unused map in maps.kart, it is a valid map slot and can be used for a custom course. However, the game will crash upon attempting to advance to the next level. To prevent this, a NextLevel must be defined in the Level header. Usage of this map slot is discouraged.