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In SRB2, the configuration file is a text file which stores all the user's settings for the game. It will automatically be created in the SRB2 directory when the game is started for the first time, or when the file can't be found there otherwise on game start-up. It saves all keys set for the player's controls, as well as all the values of console variables that are intended to be retained on restarting SRB2 itself – these include various options such as screen resolution, mouse settings, sound/music volume settings, console settings, and many other tidbits of information.

By default, the configuration file for SRB2 is named config.cfg. However, the command line parameter -config can be used to determine an alternative file name to use.

Console variables

This section lists all console variables whose values are stored in the configuration file:

Game options


Screenshots and movies


Joystick axis

Client options

Server options

General netgame options