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Hello there! I'm Monster Iestyn, one of the SRB2 Wiki's maintainers, a Moderator at the SRB2MB, part of the SRB2 Dev team, and a fairly active member of the SRB2 community in general an extent. I tend to be a friendly but usually sensible and sane sort of guy, and I from time to time may help people out with various things (since I haven't managed to make much on my own for years now). Currently 24 years old as of writing, and I'm from Wales (in the UK).

Might as well take this opportunity to say this: I know how frequent I edit the SRB2 Wiki at times, but it would be great if we had more people besides myself helping out more! The SRB2 Wiki is not my playground, after all. >_>

--Monster Iestyn Talk

EDIT: I now have made 10k edits to the wiki as of now, yay


SRB2 tidbits-related


2.1 era!

Custom Mods-related


Original stuff-related

Testing testing

Palette colors for cells:

0 1 2 3 4 5 10 15 16 20 30 31
32 36 40 44
48 52 56 60 63
64 80 96 112 120 128 144 152 160 176 184 192 200 208 216 220 224 240 247 248
Hi Lol Sonic Tails Knuckles


Screenshot galleries for Versions articles

  • Take screenshots of notable features, or otherwise general level screenshots
    • Examples include Demo 3's extra characters, Demo 4's special stages, perhaps Demo 4.1's Knuckles sprites?
    • Xmas, Halloween and TGF need only general screenshots; they are sufficiently different enough in most senses
  • Not required for all Versions articles; those without significant enough changes from the previous version do not need screenshots
    • Demo 4.35 and some Final Demo versions come to mind mostly here
  • Warning: Only versions from 1.09.4 onwards can output PNG screenshots; all those before output PCX instead (to my knowledge), excluding TGF for fairly obvious reasons.

Overhauling old map articles

Mini-IRC log of discussion regarding this:

<MascaraSnake> Yeah, I was thinking we don't really need an article on levels like GFZ1 for every version
<MascaraSnake> It would make more sense to have one article on the current version and have a section in there that gives an overview over the changes between versions
<MonsterIestyn> what happens with completely different level designs, like in the case of all three acts of CEZ
<MonsterIestyn> do they get lumped in too or not
<MascaraSnake> If levels were completely remade, we can keep both articles
<MonsterIestyn> might make sense to actually link the old level articles from the latest in such cases

Thing types needing in-game screenshots


(all of this is very WIP)

Other (useful?) notes

Sorting of tables: Help page on Wikipedia

class="unsortable" (unsortable columns) section
data-sort-type="..." (data type for sortable columns, e.g. "number") section
data-sort-value="..." ("sort key" for a row, determines how row/cell should be sorted) section

Tables with horizontal scrollbars: Template documentation on Wikipedia

<source> with horizontal scrollbars? (Wikipedia tell us it works for pre):

<source lang="c" style="overflow:auto; width:auto;">....</source>