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Thing type 203, Egg Colosseum, formerly known as Eggscalibur, is the fourth boss encountered in SRB2; it appears in Castle Eggman Zone Act 3. It rotates three arms of maces around itself constantly. Occasionally, Eggman will raise his hand and change the rotating speed and/or direction of the maces.

In CEZ3, the Egg Colosseum is protected by a cage, which is built into the map itself. After changing the speed or direction of the maces three times, the boss will raise the cage upwards briefly, slowing down the maces and leaving itself vulnerable to be hit by the player, before moving it back down again to repeat the cycle. To make the boss able to raise the cage, it must be constructed out of FOFs whose control sectors have the tag 65534.

After five hits, the Egg Colosseum will enter its pinch phase. It will fly up high above the ground, continuing to spin the maces. In CEZ3, the three buttons crumble, revealing three Yellow Springs, allowing the player to reach the outer parts of the arena, where they reach the boss and hit it. Each time the boss is hit in this phase, the spikeball arms will spin faster. The outer parts of the arena contain Spectator Eggrobos, who send the player back onto the lower part of the arena when it gets too close. They disappear by floating upwards with the Egg Colosseum when it is defeated.

Adding the Special flag will cause the level to end when the Egg Colosseum is defeated, rather than by destroying an Egg Capsule.

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