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Can't be bothered making a tutorial, but here is a five-minute hack job of the concept. =P It's pretty easy. –SonicMaster 23:27, 23 December 2008 (UTC)

Yeah, I know. Yesterday I just learned how to do it myself by making myself a test map using AGZ3 as reference, after Kuja asked how to do it on #Srb2fun. I realised there was no tutorial here for that concept, so that's why I requested it. I'm not really sure if I should do it though. Monster Iestyn Talk

Linedef Details template

That template is not meant to replace the prose description. They're meant to coexist: Everything that's in the table should be written out in prose. I've automatically reverted your edits for now, but I will integrate your tables later on. That doesn't mean your input wasn't helpful, but it's easier to edit this way.--SpiritCrusherTalkContribs 07:21, 23 May 2010 (UTC)

=Knuckles The Echidna

You know that day that he go be unbanned ? *udl* 19:08, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

No, he's permanently banned, which means he isn't going to be unbanned. -- Monster Iestyn Talk 19:32, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

Contribution to my Unlockables page

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for optimizing my added article "Unlockables" a bit :]
I also want to thank you for tons of other stuff :P, you know what stuff. My main language isn't English so that's why some stuff was kind of, stubby.
Think of this as some sort of small medal on your talk page :P - Digaly 18:13, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

Some curious things about Object flags

Hey, Monster Iestyn! After reading this revision of yours on your Usage_Lists page, I got intrigued by the use of flag MF2_BOSSNOTRAP by action A_MonitorPop. I went looking for any other uses of the flag elsewhere just to be sure, but found nothing. It seems that destroyed monitors are identified as such by their current state. The use of the boss flag is probably something old that was left behind.

Anyway, when I was looking through the code, trying to find how dead monitors were identified, I stumbled through some obscure feature of SRB2. I don't think this is known, at least I couldn't find it anywhere on the Wiki.

When a monitor or a pushable object falls on top of a player, they kill the player instantly. This is known already and is more relevant to the pushables than monitors (you don't see any bouncing monitors on the official levels =D). However, if the object (pushable or monitor) has a target and that target is a player, then the target player is awarded points for the kill of the player who was crushed by the falling object. It turns out that when a player pushes a (pushable) object, it becomes their target, and so effectively you can kill players in Match, for example, by dropping gargoyles on top of them (good luck with that =D). I tested the feature with pushables in splitscreen just to be sure and it works. I think it also works with monitors if you somehow manage to pop a falling monitor before it hits the other player below (this works because when monitors are popped, their target becomes the player who popped them).

By the way, I found this information in file p_map.c, function PIT_CheckThing (just search for lines containing both MF_MONITOR and MF_PUSHABLE flags).

I'm going to add this information to the Object flags page, I just wanted to share with you my little adventure on that jungle code =P --Ricardo [Contribs] [Talk] 15:56, 8 June 2013 (CDT)

To be honest, I've known of all that since a while back, but it never occured to me to put it down on the wiki, silly me. =V But whatever, great that you went ahead and did it anyway. =) -- Monster Iestyn Talk 16:49, 8 June 2013 (CDT)