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Hi, my name is MascaraSnake (formerly known as SpiritCrusher) and I am one of the admins of this Wiki. If you have any questions, ideas or criticism regarding the Wiki, drop a note on my talk page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

My subpages

The subpages of my namespace. Unfinished articles, to-do lists, etc.

  • Example WADs: A list of example WADs for linedef and sector types, including those that are still needed.
  • My big-ass object tables: Automatically generated Object info tables for all Objects in SRB2. Feel free to copypaste to the relevant articles.
  • My big-ass state table: Automatically generated info table for all states in SRB2. Feel free to copypaste selected state info to the relevant articles. Warning: Huge!
  • UDMF: Notes on the in-progress UDMF implementation.

To-do list

A (perpetually incomplete) list of work that remains to be done on the Wiki. Feel free to tackle any of these issues.



  • Turn the Node article into a "BSP tree" article that explains everything related to the BSP tree and nodebuilding.
  • Finish the Actions articles. Possibly include sample SOC/Lua scripts for some actions.