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Added in Demo 4
Dates: Dec 24 - Jan 6
Parameter: -xmas
Resource file: 3drend.dll

When activated, several of the game's graphics, including many of the textures used by the Single Player levels, are replaced with Christmas-themed graphics. The music is replaced by Christmas tunes.

Additional features exclusive to Demo 4 - Demo 4.35:

  • After clearing THZ1, a cutscene plays in which Santa Claus asks Sonic to help him find his stolen clothes. This is followed by Christmas Hunt Zone, a level in which the player must hunt for pieces of Santa Claus' clothes.
  • After clearing Christmas Hunt Zone, another cutscene plays in which Santa awards Sonic the ability to use the Snow Buster, allowing the player to fire snowballs at enemies in any level using the Ring Throw button (each snowball costs a ring to use).
  • Christmas Match Zone, a level based on the inner portion of Christmas Hunt Zone, takes the place of MAP06 as a Match stage.

Mario/New Year's Day (Demo 4 - 4.35 only)

Added in Demo 4
Dates: Jan 1
Parameter: -mario
Resource file: menuitem.dll

When activated, the title screen receives a Mario sky background, several sounds are changed to Mario-related sounds, all Crawlas are replaced with Goombas and all Rings are replaced with Coins. Additionally, GFZ1 is replaced by Mario Goomba Blast Zone Act 1.


Added in v1.01
Dates: Apr 1 - Apr 30

When activated, easter eggs are scattered throughout all non-boss levels, and can be collected by any character. If all easter eggs in all levels are collected, the player is awarded with some of the original concept art for SRB2's enemies.

April Fools

Added in v1.09
Dates: Apr 1

Starting up the game replaces the normal introduction with the introduction from SRB2 TGF, complete with the original graphics and music.