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Object placement mode as it appears in-game

Object placement mode (commonly referred to as objectplace, after the console command that activates it) is a special mode, exclusive to Single Player, that can be used to place new map Things in a map, similarly to Debug mode in the classic Sonic games. When activated, it will freeze the entire game except for the player, who now instead takes the appearance of the chosen Thing type to place and can fly around the map at will. Enabling Object placement mode activates the cheat protection, disallowing any secrets to be unlocked for the rest of the SRB2 session. Object placement mode cannot be activated in netgames.


In Object placement mode, a number of controls have their functions changed; the player has the same movement controls as those of a spectator in Match/CTF/Tag (with the console variable op_speed determining the movement speed in any direction), but with extra controls for cycling through Thing types as well as for placing them in the map. The available Thing types selectable through cycling include only those that exist as Object types (i.e special placement patterns are not included), and are ordered by Object type number. Other Thing types not selectable through cycling include Objects with the Object flags MF_AMBIENT or MF_NOSECTOR set, Objects with the sprite prefix SPR_NULL set for both their SpawnState and SeeState, and the Ideya Drone.

The Throw Ring button is used to place the Thing type selected in the map at the player's coordinates. However, the console variable op_mapthingnum can be used to override the Thing type spawned with a different Thing type of the user's choice – using this feature allows the user to place Thing types that are unavailable through the cycling mentioned above. By default, Things are placed with a flags value of 0. This can be changed with the console variable op_flags, which allows the user to specify a flags value for placed Things.

Rotate Camera L Cycle backwards
Rotate Camera R Cycle forwards
Jump Float up
Spin Float down
Throw Ring Place Object
op_mapthingnum <thing #> Specify Thing to place using "Throw Ring" (console command)


Some of the main statistics displayed on the HUD are modified to show stats relevant for use in Object placement mode instead:

  • SCORE now shows the current Thing flags value set for the Object – this is the current value of op_flags combined with the current Z-offset multiplied by 16. (op_flags + Z-offset*16)
  • TIME now shows the number of Objects currently drawn in the map.
  • RINGS now shows the Thing type number of the Object type currently selected.