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SRB2 Halloween

Name Thing flag Other notes
Sub-Sonic Easy (0x01)
Super Sonic Medium (0x02)
Hyper Sonic! Hard (0x04)
Warp Sonic! Enemies respawn a short while after being destroyed

SRB2 Christmas - Demo 4.35

Name Thing flag Lives Other notes
Cakewalk Easy (0x01) 9 Players are bounced out of death pits
Easy 6
Normal Medium (0x02) 5
Hard Hard (0x04) 3
Very Hard 1 All rings removed; enemies respawn a short while after being destroyed

Version 1.01 - Version 1.09.4

Name Thing flag Lives Continues Other notes
Easy Easy (0x01) 5 2
Normal Medium (0x02) 3 1
Hard Hard (0x04) 3 1
Very Hard 3 1 Lost rings are not spilled
Ultimate 1 0 All rings and shields removed; unlocked after beating the game in Very Hard