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MAP04, Techno Hill Zone Act 1, abbreviated as THZ1, is the first act of Techno Hill Zone, the second zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It takes place in a valley polluted by Eggman's machinery, which has turned the water into purple slime that damages the player on contact. Other gimmicks in this stage include gas jets, fans and, briefly, conveyor belts. As enemies, THZ1 features red Crawlas and the Buzz, a small fly-like enemy that flies towards the player.


First section

You start out in a small area with a cliff in front of you. Use the yellow spring to be propelled to the top through the glass pipe. In the following area, continue forward until you reach a pool of slime with two platforms floating above it. Jump over the pool and continue forward. After a right turn, you will reach the first Star Post and a narrow bridge which leads over a pool of slime. At this point you can either continue forward across the bridge or jump to the platform on your right. If you continued forward, you will reach a cliff with a glass tube. Drop down the tube, turn right and follow the path until you reach the second Star Post. If you went right, follow the path along a left turn and drop down a series of cliffs to reach the Star Post.

Second section

After continuing along the hallway and encountering a red Buzz, you will come across a fork in the path. You can go either left or right.

Left path

Continue forward until you reach a cliff with a moving platform in front of it. Wait for the platform to come down and then jump on it to be taken to the top of the cliff. Continue forward until you come to a river of slime. After jumping over the slime, look to your right to see a small hole in the wall. Now you have to make a choice: If you continue forward, you will reach another cliff with a moving platform. After making it to the top of the cliff, you will reach an area with the third Star Post and the entrance to a large factory. If you spindashing into the hole in the wall instead, you will enter another path that leads through an underground tunnel.

Right path

Continue forward until you come to another Star Post and a large slime lake with an island in the middle. Walk along the platform on the right edge of the lake and then jump to the island. Climb the small stairs to the top and jump to the ledge in front of you to reach a grassy area. Walk to the other end of the room and climb up the ledges to your left. After making it to the top, turn right to reach an with the fourth Star Post and the entrance to a large factory.

Final section


Shortly before entering the factory, you will encounter a red Buzz. You should kill it before moving on, since it can bother you in the next section. Afterwards, enter the factory. To your left you can see a large structure made up of pipes. Walk to the far left end of the factory where the pipe structure begins. Next to the pipe extending from the floor is a spring that you can use to reach the top of the pipe. Turn left and walk across the pipe to find a gas jet that will propel you up to the next pipe. Turn right and use another gas jet to reach the highest pipe. Take the diagonal yellow spring, which will propel you to a high ledge. From there, turn right and follow the path until you reach a room with a large hole in the floor. Drop down this hole to enter a hallway with the Level End Sign at the end.

Underground tunnel

After spindashing through the hole, you will land in an underground tunnel. Turn left to reach a long pool of slime with barrels floating on the surface. Jump across them carefully to reach the other side. Continue along the tunnel and turn right to reach a factory area extending to the left, with a large slime pool in the center. Walk across the ledge leading left and then jump over to another ledge on the other side of the slime pool. Continue forward until you reach a platform with fans in the middle of the room. Jump to the platform and use the fans to gain height and reach a ledge on the other side. Walk forward and jump over the pool again to reach the final ledge, which makes a left turn and leads to a row of springs that take you to the Level End Sign.

Points of interest

  • In the area before the corridor with the second Star Post, there is a Super Sneakers Monitor on the highest pillar in the center of the room. As Tails or Knuckles, you can simply fly or climb up to it. As Sonic, go to the bridge leading over a pool of slime after the first Star Post. Jump into the slime to your right and look for a spring. You will be damaged, but you can use the spring to propel you out of the slime and high up, allowing you to reach the pillar with the Super Sneakers.
  • Take the right path at the path split. Before you reach the third Star Post, look to your right to see a hole in the floor covered by a metallic rim. Jump down the hole to enter an underground tunnel that leads to an Invincibility Monitor and then back outside to the beginning of the right path.
  • In the room with the large slime lake on the right path, look to your left to see a large thin platform and a series of barrels floating in the slime. Jump to the platform and across the barrels to reach an alcove with an extra life.
  • In the grassy area after the large slime lake on the right path, there is a large platform floating overhead. On the far side of the room is a red spring leading up to it. Instead of getting up to the platform, however, face towards the cliff to the right of the entrance to the room and spindash into the spring. You will be propelled to the top of the cliff. If you jump down on the other side, you should land on a high-up ledge containing a Whirlwind Shield.


Speedrunning is fairly straightforward in this level. The key challenge is to avoid falling into the slime. The underground tunnel is faster than the factory route, so try to master going through it quickly. To save some extra time, use the spring in the slime pool after the first Star Post to reach the Super Sneakers monitor as described above.

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