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MAP05, Techno Hill Zone Act 2, abbreviated as THZ2, is the second act of Techno Hill Zone, the second zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It takes place in the factory the player entered in the first act and features more advanced obstacles such as lasers, conveyor belts and crushers.

In addition to red Crawlas and Buzzes, THZ2 also features three new enemies: The Crawla Commander is a flying version of the Crawla that charges at the player and takes two hits to destroy. The Deton is a spherical enemy that chases the player and explodes on contact; it must be lured into a wall to be destroyed. The Turret shoots rapid-fire projectiles that the player must take cover from, and it can only be destroyed by dousing it in slime.


First path split

Walk forward from the starting area to reach a path split. You can either jump onto the conveyor belt to your left or use the elevator in front of you. The conveyor belt requires you to pass under some crushers and lasers, while the elevator leads into a room where you have to dodge the fire of a Turret. The conveyor belt path is faster, while the path with the Turret is easier and less dangerous.


Once you step into the elevator, it will move downwards and allow you to enter the room in front of you. This room is guarded by a Turret, which will intermittently shoot rapid-fire projectiles at you and then reload for a few seconds. You must reach the exit located behind the Turret while dodging its fire. Stay in the elevator until the Turret stops firing and then go forward. Jump over the slime pool to the ledge to your right and hide behind the crates while the Turret fires once more. Then, walk around the crates to see a floating platform in front of you, which you can use to reach another ledge to your left. The platform will crumble when you stand on it, so don't stay on it for too long. Hide behind the crates again until the Turret stops firing and then press the red button. This will open the door to your right, as well as douse the Turret in slime, destroying it. Go through the open door and down the hallway to reach the point where the paths rejoin. Turn right to get to the first Star Post.


Jump onto the edge of the conveyor belt, but don't step on the part that carries you yet. In front of you is a crusher that moves fairly fast, so either get a running start and run under it when it starts to recede or use a spindash to pass under it. Directly after the crusher are three lasers, so jump immediately to pass over them. Now you have to pass under one of two slow-moving crushers and dodge a laser that moves up and down where the conveyor belt makes a right turn. The next section of the conveyor belt passes below two long rows of crushers that come down at different intervals. Once the crushers in one row start to recede, walk under them and continue forward. Once the crushers in the other row start to recede, move under them instead and continue. Repeat this process until you've passed the last crusher. After jumping over another laser, follow the right turn and jump between two lasers stacked on top of each other to leave the conveyor belt. Here the paths rejoin. Turn left to get to the first Star Post.

Second path split

After passing through the area with the red alarm lights to reach the Star Post, dodge the Crawlas and the Buzz to reach an elevator going down. In the next room, the path splits up again. If you walk up the stairs to your right, you will enter a path where you will be chased by Detons. If you step on the conveyor belt, you will enter a path featuring conveyor belts over damaging slime, which is easier and much faster.

Lower path

The conveyor belt leads into a corridor with a large crusher. Wait until the crusher starts to recede and then quickly pass under it. Afterwards, the conveyor belt makes a right turn. Instead of following it, jump off to the platform in front of you and continue forward to reach another conveyor belt going right. After another right turn, it eventually ends and leads into the slime. Jump off to the ledge to your right and continue forward until you reach a Star Post after a left turn.

Jump to the conveyor belt in front of you, which leads into a large factory room. Use the diagonal springs at the end to be propelled to another conveyor belt going left. Follow it until you reach a room sealed off by glass walls. Press the red button and then exit the room on the other side. A conveyor belt will lead you into another row of diagonal yellow springs that will propel you back to the conveyor belt where you came from. Now, instead of following it as it turns right, continue forward to reach a row of red springs leading to the top of a conveyor belt going upwards. After reaching the top, quickly walk off to the right before you fall off on the other side. A trail of rings leads into a large pool of slime with two floating platforms made out of barrels. The slime used to go all the way to the top, but pressing the button earlier drained the pool, revealing a door to the Level End Sign. Jump down to the barrel platforms and use them as stepping stones to reach the exit.

Upper path

Walk up the stairs and continue forward until the path turns left. Jump over the conveyor belt to reach a hallway leading into the next room. Be careful before entering this room, because it contains Detons. These enemies will charge at you when they see you and explode upon coming in contact with you or a wall. You cannot harm them by normal means, so you must outrun them or lure them into a wall.

The first Deton is to the right of the entrance, so quickly run to the left. After making a right turn, a Deton will charge directly towards you. If you continue running at full speed and turn right as soon as possible, it won't crash into you but continue chasing you. Jump over a row of spikes and turn left as another Deton approaches. After another row of spikes and another left turn, you will see a door to your right. Once you run through it, it will close behind you, trapping the Detons. However, the one in the area next to the door may manage to escape with you, so continue running and turn right. After walking up a staircase, you will come across a short river of shallow slime. Jump over it to reach a Star Post. The slime is too shallow to hurt you, but it has a current pushing you towards a waterfall into a deeper pool of slime, so if you fall into the river, try to get out as quickly as possible. If you fall down the waterfall, you will end up on the lower path.

After the Star Post, you will pass through a dark hallway. Two Detons are hiding in the dark, so continue running at full speed. Once you've made it to the other side, walk around the glass wall in front of you and turn right. Jump down in front of you to reach a red button guarded by a Crawla Commander. Press the button and then wait for the large elevator next to the glass wall to descend. Ride the elevator back to the ledge you jumped off from earlier and continue forward to reach a row of yellow springs. Walk up to the edge of the large wall with yellow caution stripes and look down to the other side to see a large pool of slime with two floating platforms made out of barrels. The slime used to go all the way to the top, but pressing the button earlier drained the pool, revealing a door to the Level End Sign. Jump down to the barrel platforms and use them as stepping stones to reach the exit.

Points of interest

Extra lives

  • At the end of the level, walk past the large slime pool with the exit. On a platform behind it lies an extra life.


  • The starting area is surrounded by a conveyor belt behind a glass wall. To reach it, turn left towards the conveyor belt with the crusher and look for a slightly discolored tile in the floor next to the wall. This tile is intangible and hides a spring that will lead you into a hidden room. Turn left in this room to enter the conveyor belt behind the glass wall. After following it for a bit, you will come across a room to your left that contains two Super Ring Monitors and an Elemental Shield. The Elemental Shield allows you to enter the slime without getting hurt, which is necessary to get some other items in the level. You can exit the conveyor belt the same way you came in.
  • After pressing the button in the Turret room, instead of exiting through the opened door, jump to the platform in front of you for a Super Sneakers Monitor. From there, you can also continue further to the platform with the two crates in the left corner to find a Force Shield.
  • In the final room where you press the button, there is a ledge in the midst of the slime containing an Attraction Shield.
  • Instead of jumping into the large slime pool at the end, go to the entrance to your left to find a moving glass platform. Ride it to the top and make a U-turn on the metal beams to find a Whirlwind Shield.



  • At the first path split, take the left path. Quickly going through the crusher section without getting hurt is faster than taking the Turret path.
  • At the second path split, take the lower path, since it is much faster. You can try to skip some parts of the conveyor belts by jumping across the slime, but be careful not to fall in. After pressing the button, go back through the conveyor belt that you came from to save a few seconds. Try to take the red springs before the exit at an almost 90-degree angle, so that you can fly over the large wall and directly into the exit.

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