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This action was removed in 2.2.0

A_ParticleSpawn is an action that spawns a particle at a specified interval. If the actor does not have a spawn point, the actor will be removed from the map and the action will do nothing. In SRB2, this is used by the Fan Particle Generator. Var1 determines the Object type of the particle to spawn – if Var1 isn't set, the Object type spawned defaults to MT_PARTICLE.

The Angle value of the actor's spawn point Thing is used to determine both the speed at which particles rise upwards (in fracunits/tic) and the speed at which particles shrink to nothing (in %/tic). The Thing type number (or the Thing's Parameter value) of the actor's spawn point sets the time between the spawning of each particle in tics. See Fan Particle Generator > Setup for further details on using this action.

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