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A_WhoCaresIfYourSonIsABee is an action that makes a child object, and is used as the spawning handler for Hive Elementals. The upper 16 bits of Var1 are used to set the object type of the child. The lower 16 bits of Var2 determine the vertical momentum of the child upon spawn, and upper and lower 16 bits of Var2 determine the forwards and vertical offset, respectively. The number of created children is stored in actor.extravalue1. It is important to note that this action doesn't check the number of currently existing children - the state with this action should be called through A_ParentTriesToSleep to keep the child count in order.

Attributes Use
Var1 Lower 16 bits: Vertical Momentum
Upper 16 bits: Object type of child
Var2 Lower 16 bits: Vertical Offset
Upper 16 bits: Forwards Offset

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