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A_SpawnObjectAbsolute is an action which is used to spawn an Object of a type determined by Var2's lower 16 bits at an absolute location. The location's Z position is determined by Var2's upper 16 bits, its X position by Var1's upper 16 bits, and its Y position by Var1's lower 16 bits. The expressions for this are:

  • Var1 = (X × 65536) + Y
  • Var2 = (Z × 65536) + type

If the actor is in reverse gravity when this action is called, the Object spawned will have MF2_OBJECTFLIP added to its secondary flags. The spawned Object's angle will be set to the actor's own angle.

Attributes Use
Var 1 Upper 16 bits: X position
Lower 16 bits: Y position
Var 2 Upper 16 bits: Z position
Lower 16 bits: Object type

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