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A_RemoteAction is an action which is used to make the actor tell a target Object to perform an action remotely. Var1 is used to select the target Object, with -1 referring to the actor's target, -2 to the actor's tracer, and all other numbers referring to an Object type to search for; in this case, the actor will choose the closest available Object of the selected type horizontally (Z positions are ignored). Var2 is used to specify the reference state that contains the action for the target Object to perform. The reference state is not actually executed, only the action is performed, so any attributes beside Var1 and Var2 are disregarded. The actor will temporarily make the selected Object its target when calling the reference state's action; the actor's original target (or lack of) will be restored afterwards.

Note that when Var1 is set to target or tracer when the actor does not have one, the reference state's action will not be used.

This action originates from the v1.09.4 modification ShufflarB2 and was added to SRB2 itself in v2.0.

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