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Clear is a special SOC command that can be used to remove SRB2's default data for any of the following data types: level headers, map-specific emblems, global emblems, unlockables and condition sets. This is useful for modifications that supply their own data for these types, to ensure that the default data is completely overwritten.

A Clear command consists of a single line that reads Clear [data type]. Multiple Clear commands can be placed after each other. The following Clear commands are available:

Command Effect
Clear Unlockables Removes all unlockables.
Clear Emblems Removes all map-specific emblems.
Clear ExtraEmblems Removes all global emblems.
Clear ConditionSets Removes all condition sets.
Clear Levels Removes all level headers.
Clear All Removes all of the above.

A Clear command should always be placed before any blocks that add data for the affected types. Otherwise, the data from those blocks will be removed as well.

  SOC [view]
General ClearMainCfg
Objects ObjectStateSoundSprite2SpriteInfoSprite2InfoFreeslot
Unlockable content EmblemExtraEmblemUnlockableConditionSet
Miscellaneous WipesCharacterLevelCutscene / ScenePromptMenuHudItem
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