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Welcome to the custom Object tutorial. This tutorial will teach you the basics of SOC and how to create custom Objects with it. It assumes no prior knowledge about the topic, but reading the SOC and Object articles beforehand might help understanding it.

  • Chapter 1: Basic knowledge – This chapter will introduce you to the most important terms and concepts of the SOC language. It will also show you how to create an empty SOC file and how to edit it.
  • Chapter 2: File structure – This chapter will show you what a SOC file looks like and what you will find inside it. It also explains what each element does so that you know how a SOC file works.
  • Chapter 3: Syntax issues and conventions – This chapter lists some conventions and rules you should use when creating your own SOC file.
  • Chapter 4: Creating an enemy – In this chapter, you will create your first Object, which will be an enemy. Don't skip to this chapter immediately; you need the information supplied in the first three chapters for this.
  • Chapter 5: Sounds and sprites – This chapter shows you how to add custom sounds and sprites to an Object. This is not needed for every Object, but vastly enhances what you can do with them.
  • Chapter 6: Advanced techniques – This chapter explains a few more complicated things that are useful for creating advanced Objects.
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