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If your lump editor is not working correctly, try the following steps:

Troubleshooting question Explanation
1. Look at the XWE, SLADE and SLumpEd articles. Is your issue listed as a known issue? Older lump editors like XWE or SLumpEd have quite a few known issues. If possible, try using SLADE, which is newer and still actively maintained.
If you are using Windows Vista:

2. Have you tried running your lump editor as an administrator?

Like with many other programs on Windows Vista, you may need to run the program as an administrator to have it load properly. To do this, right-click the icon, select "Run as Administrator", and click "Accept" on the window that appears. If your account isn't an administrator by default, you may be required to enter a password.

Still having problems? Ask for help on the SRB2 Message Board or try searching the SRB2 Wiki for more information regarding your problem.