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Author SirJuddington
(formerly known as "SlayeR")
Latest version 0.7
Release date June 7th, 2007
Operating system Windows

SLumpEd is an open-source lump editor capable of managing the lumps of WAD and PK3 files. It allows the user to view and edit sprites, textures, flats, sounds, SOCs, level headers, and any other type of lump. It has been discontinued and all of its features were incorporated into SLADE. Therefore, using SLumpEd is not recommended as it is inferior to SLADE in all respects.


After installing SLumpEd, you need to point it to SRB2's IWAD. In the toolbar, select "File → Options". Click the Browse button next to the "Game IWAD" field and navigate to your SRB2 directory. Select srb2.srb and click OK. In the same window, make sure the following options are unchecked:

  • Autosave gfx lumps
  • Autosave text lumps
  • Autosave TEXTUREx
  • Force uppercase lump names
  • Detect nonstandard gfx lumps



  • Support for PK3 files.
  • Tabbed browsing for multiple files loaded at the same time. This allows for viewing and editing multiple lumps in multiple files and easy copying from one file to another.
  • Filter function that filters lumps by type.


  • Creation of new lumps.
  • Importing files into lumps and exporting lumps into files.
  • Renaming and deleting lumps.
  • Cut/copy/paste lumps, including between different files.
  • Moving lumps up and down in the entry list.
  • Loading and saving of lowercase lump names. This defaults to off, but can be toggled by the user.


  • Display, including zooming and panning.
  • Modifying offsets, including automatic addition of offsets.
  • Conversion of images between formats, including mass conversion.
  • Exporting as PNG or Bitmap.


  • Built-in texture editor for TEXTUREx and PNAMES lumps.
  • Editing of individual textures to modify their size and scale and to manage the included patches.
  • Automatic addition of lumps to TEXTUREx and PNAMES tables.


  • Playback of MIDI, Doom Sound and WAV lumps.


  • SLumpEd loads all lumps as uppercase, so all lumps that are supposed to be lowercase must be renamed before saving the WAD.
  • SLumpEd doesn't automatically convert images to the palette upon importing them like XWE does. Instead, they must be converted to Doom Graphics Format by selecting all imported entries, right-clicking on one and selecting Convert To → Doom Gfx.
  • When importing a new sprite, SLumpEd doesn't automatically set image offsets like XWE. This can be done by right-clicking on the lump and selecting Modify Offsets. This menu allows to specify the type of sprite and automatically calculates the offsets based on that.
  • SLumpEd doesn't have batch functions for most features, e.g. lumps can only be imported or exported one at a time.
  • SLumpEd only loads WAD files with the extension .WAD; all other files are shown with a blank lump list upon being loaded. srb2.srb, for instance, doesn't load correctly, and has to be renamed to srb2.wad to be opened.
  • SLumpEd's Lump → Export to New Wad function does not work, as when the new WAD is opened, it will declare the WAD an invalid file.
  • SLumpEd does not assume cyan is transparent. The imported graphic must have the cyan in use set to index 247.
  • SLumpEd can only export sounds raw lumps, not WAV files. To convert them to WAV files, load the exported lump as raw WAV data in a program that supports it, e.g. Audacity.

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