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SRB2 Workbench
Author Oogaland
Latest version n/a (last updated July 26, 2012)
Release date n/a
Operating system Windows

SRB2 Workbench is a map editor developed specifically for SRB2 by community member Oogaland. The editor is unfinished and no official release has been made, but partially-finished versions are available at its website.

SRB2 Workbench is similar to SRB2 Doom Builder in terms of functionality, but includes additional features such as tabbed browsing of multiple maps at once, a quick-insert feature for polygonal sectors and an isometric top-down view of the map. SRB2 Workbench allows configuration files to change the name of the Special and Ambush flags for specific Thing types. For example, the official configuration file displays the Special flag as "End Level When Defeated" and the Ambush flag as "Rotating Spikeballs" for the Egg Mobile. SRB2 Doom Builder includes such a feature for the Ambush flag, but not the Special flag.

SRB2 Workbench does not recognize composite textures in the new texture format that has been in use since v2.1, which prevents some of SRB2's official textures from appearing in the editor. This can be circumvented by exporting all composite textures as single images and importing them as textures into a copy of srb2.srb. When using this copy as an IWAD, the missing textures will appear.


Create a new folder for SRB2 Workbench, download the latest build and put it in the folder. Create a new folder called "conf" in the Workbench folder and another folder called "map" inside that one. Download the configuration file and put it in the "map" folder. To build the nodes on map, you need an external nodebuilder such as ZenNode. Download your nodebuilder and put it in the Workbench folder.

Now open SRB2 Workbench and click on Tools → Options... in the menu bar. In the Game Configurations tab, "Sonic Robo Blast v2.1" should appear as a configuration. Select it and point Workbench to the executable (srb2win.exe in your SRB2 folder) and the IWAD (srb2.srb in your SRB2 folder). In the Advanced tab, point Workbench to the nodebuilder you downloaded. For ZenNode, type "%F" %L -o "%F" into the parameters field (including the quotes). For ZDBSP, type -R -m MAP01 %F -o %F into the parameters field.

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