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Doom Builder
Author CodeImp
Latest version
Release date June 1, 2012
Operating system Windows

Doom Builder is one of the most popular map editors for Doom. A previous version of Doom Builder forms the basis for SRB2 Doom Builder, but the most recent version is a complete rewrite with a new interface and additional features. Although it lacks some SRB2-specific features, such as the ability to directly specify the vertical offset of a Thing, it is used by some mappers in the SRB2 community. Community member Kalaron has created a modification of Doom Builder for SRB2, SRB2 Doom Builder 2.0, that re-adds some of the SRB2-specific features to the current version of Doom Builder, but it is no longer maintained by its author. A branch of Doom Builder for the source port GZDoom, called GZDoom Builder, forms the basis for Zone Builder.


To use Doom Builder for SRB2 mapping, you need supply it with a configuration file. Put the configuration file in the "Configurations" folder and start Doom Builder. Click on Tools → Game Configurations... in the menu bar and select SRB2. In the Resources tab, add srb2.srb from your SRB2 folder as a resource. In the Testing tab, select srb2win.exe in the Application field.

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