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Doom Builder
Author CodeImp
Latest version
Release date June 1, 2012
Operating system Windows

Doom Builder is one of the most popular map editors for Doom. Doom Builder itself is generally not used by SRB2 mappers because it lacks some crucial SRB2-specific features, such as the ability to directly specify the vertical offset of a Thing. However, many of the most popular map editors for SRB2 have been based on Doom Builder. SRB2 Doom Builder was based on v1.68 of Doom Builder. Afterwards, Doom Builder v2 was released, offering a complete rewrite with a new interface and additional features. During the v2.0 era of SRB2, community member Kalaron released SRB2 Doom Builder 2.0, which re-added some of SRB2 Doom Builder's features to Doom Builder v2. A branch of Doom Builder for the source port GZDoom, called GZDoom Builder, forms the basis for Zone Builder.


To use Doom Builder for SRB2 mapping, you need supply it with a configuration file. Put the configuration file in the "Configurations" folder and start Doom Builder. Click on Tools → Game Configurations... in the menu bar and select SRB2. In the Resources tab, add srb2.srb from your SRB2 folder as a resource. In the Testing tab, select srb2win.exe in the Application field.

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