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MAP93: Hydro Plant Zone



MAP93, Hydro Plant Zone, is the fourth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It takes place in a flooded factory, with the bottom floor entirely underwater. The level was fairly controversial during the v1.09.4 era as most of the level is underwater.[1]


Weapon rings

There are four Explosion Rings, one in each corner room. Take the blue spring up to reach them.

Liquid Shield

There is a Liquid Shield on the machine in the central room. The easiest way to get it is to spindash-jump into it.



  • There are several sets of springs that can be used to propel a player back up to the surface. Use these with the utmost care, because any player using them will be placed in a vulnerable and cramped landing for at least a few seconds. Sonic players should thok instantly upon landing to get them out of harms way. Other characters should quickly spindash or otherwise quickly move themselves into a more open area.
  • Despite the danger of using these springs, they are a few ways to utilize them effectively. For example: If you approach a set of springs from below, and you know that there are other players battling it out just above, simply find a less crowded set of springs to get up, or wait for a player to attempt to escape downward and shoot them as they fall. This way, the enemy has absolutely no chance to react. (Note: You should be using the OpenGL renderer if you intend to use this technique.)
  • If on the top level, spam ring fire into the enclosed spaces where those attempting to get themselves out of the water will appear. Even if the shots are relatively inaccurate, it is quite easy to get a few hits on opponents as they reach the top.
  • If low on rings, falling diagonally down the spring shaft can often collect in the range of 6–20 rings and instantly launch the player back to the surface, where they can continue fighting. However, this player takes a risk that they may be shot from the bottom by a person underwater, or hit on the surface by stray rings.

Other techniques

  • Control the Liquid Shield. It is exceptionally helpful to have unlimited breath while opponents are in danger of drowning. This can turn the tables on an opponent underwater quite effectively, denying an advantage will make them weaker and easier to beat.
  • The easiest way to lose an enemy on land is to simply jump into the water. Aim for the hallway if possible, as this will make ascending to the surface that much faster. Losing an enemy underwater is slightly more difficult, due to the fact that water slows players down. It is often better to shoot the opponent before attempting to escape, especially for non-Sonic players.
  • Attempt to keep your opponents under the water. When they drown, they are penalized fifty points, and it will make it harder for them to catch you. However, do not waste more time than it is worth trying to trap someone underwater. Unless you are very sure that you will be successful, go find another target.

Technical data