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Player standing on a moving PolyObject.

Linedef type 20, PolyObject – First Line, is a type of linedef special which is used on a PolyObject sector to make the game recognize it as such. For more information on setting up PolyObjects, see PolyObject tutorial.


Only one of these is needed per PolyObject. Assign this linedef action to one of the linedefs on the sector you want to be used as a PolyObject, and set the tag to the PolyObject's ID (which is the Angle of the corresponding PolyObject Spawn Point). Any further properties of the PolyObject are set via linedef type 22, PolyObject Parameters. If no Parameters linedef is used, the PolyObject will use default settings. Among other things, it will be tangible and opaque, and its flats will not be rendered.


Example file: ex_ld020_polyobject.wad (MAP01)
How to use
  • You may load this file into your favorite map editor, such as Zone Builder. Select MAP01 as the map to load.
  • You may also load this file in the game:
    1. Save ex_ld020_polyobject.wad into the addons folder of your SRB2 directory.
    2. Start SRB2, go to the Addons menu, and then select ex_ld020_polyobject.wad.
    3. Start the game in Single Player mode.
    4. Press the Console button (~), and type in the command MAP MAP01 to access the example map.
  • When you load this file in the game, it replaces Greenflower Zone Act 1.

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