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Call me Sev. I'm on Discord as SeventhSentinel#4892, and you can find me in plenty of other places under SeventhSentinel as well. I've been involved in SRB2 since around 2010 or so. I make maps, write music, and occasionally dabble in other content creation.

I've been on Sonic Team Junior since December 2016. My role on STJr lies mainly with the PR side of things. I run all of STJr's social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), I manage our website, I create trailers and other promotional content, and I write news posts about new releases and community events. I have contributed here and there to the actual game. Most of my mapping work there is purely graphical. I've done some graphics for v2.2's revamped NiGHTS, Record Attack, and Character Select menus, as well as the new title card. My proudest contribution is the new boss theme; though I have to give credit to CobaltBW for taking my chiptune to a level I couldn't envision. I was never terribly active on STJr, I must admit. Ever since Rob and Mystic left, though, I've felt more inclined to help out where I can.

I've also been a member of Kart Krew since January 2017. If you've played SRB2Kart, you've probably played some of my maps -- Aurora Atoll (which started as a singleplayer vanilla map) and Sonic Speedway are both my work. I've added more to the next major version of the game, too. I really hope people like them, especially the upcoming improvements to Aurora Atoll.

Please feel free send me a DM over Discord if there's some concern you want to talk about. However, I prefer not to be bothered for questions about getting the game or mods running -- please see the #srb2-troubleshooting channel on our Discord for that.