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Blue Heaven levels
MAPC0: Dark Palisades Zone Act 1






MAPC0, Dark Palisades Zone Act 1, abbreviated as DPZ1, is the first act of Dark Palisades Zone, the first zone in Blue Heaven. It takes place late at night in a grassy area not unlike Greenflower Zone. The main enemies in this level are Crawlas (both blue and red) and SDURFs, though in Normal mode and above, Skims, Jetty-syns, Crawla Commanders and Detons are also featured.


First section

You start the level in front of a large tree. From here, there are two paths you can take: You can either turn left and go to the lake, or you can climb the platforms to your right to take the upper path.

Lower path

You must cross the lake to the ledge on the opposite side. There are two smaller ledges between the waterfalls that you can jump to in order to cross the lake. However, if you fall into the lake, there are blue springs to help you get up to the other side of the lake, as well as get back up to the start. Jump up the next ledge and go to the next large tree. From here, turn left to find a larger and deeper lake you must also cross. Jump on the nearest platform within the lake. Jump on one of the diagonal yellow springs and stop moving, as you will land on two further rows of diagonal yellow springs, each of them sending you higher until you reach the top ledge. If you fell into the water, climb up the ledges and use the blue springs to get you back up. When you reach the top ledge, you will see a large tree, where the two paths meet.

Upper path

Jump up the ledge to your right and climb up the set of ledges that follow it. After these are three waterfalls you must jump across; if you fall in to any of them, you must quickly jump out, otherwise you will be taken to the lower route by the current. Jump up the ledge after these, and use the yellow springs to climb up the next two ledges after this. Turn left and go forward along the path, which goes round another lake and takes you to another large tree, where the two paths meet.

Second section

At the tree, turn left, jump into the lake, and go inside the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a set of blue springs, which will propel you out of the water into a cave. Turn left and follow the path to reach the first Star Post. Continue along the path, jumping over the pool, which takes a left. This path takes you into another room, where you must jump down the ledge to continue. Here, you can go down one of two tunnels, which lead to their own paths:

Left tunnel

This tunnel takes you through a U-turn to your left. At the end of the tunnel is a pool which you must go into. Follow the tunnel along it to reach a room, where you must climb up three vine-covered ledges. If you are running out of air at this point, there is an air bubble patch nearby. After climbing up the three ledges, use the blue springs to propel yourself out of the water onto the next ledge. Climb up the next set of ledges and follow the path past the openings to the room outside. Climb up the spiraling set of ledges up to the top. From here, there is a small tunnel with a waterfall in front, which leads to the large outside room. Run and jump before reaching the waterfall to reach a floating platform ahead of it with a set of diagonal yellow springs. Jump on one of these springs to propel yourself up to the large platform. Jump off the other side of the platform. When you land, turn right and go to the start of the tree-covered passage where the second Star Post is located, which is where the two paths meet.

If you miss the floating platform when you exit the tunnel, you will either fall into the lake or onto one of the paths in the lower area. See the right tunnel section for more details.

Right tunnel

Going down this tunnel takes you to a small room with a pillar. Jump down to the floor below and go into the next tunnel to your right. At the end of this tunnel is an opening that leads to the large outside room. You must jump across the lake to the platform ahead of you. From there, you can either follow the path to your left and jump across the platforms to the ledge with the tree, or you can jump to the platform to your right and then do a running jump to the next ledge. Whichever path you took, you must now turn right and go to the start of the tree-covered passage where the second Star Post is located, which is where the two paths meet.

If you fell into the lake, the only ways out are some blue springs besides either of the two ledges that exit the lake.

Third section

Go into the tree-covered passage, turn right, and continue forward, taking care to avoid the Deton along the way. The passage takes you through two more left turns, after which you will leave the tree-covered passage and enter another outside room. From here, make a right U-turn and go down the passage. Go around the lake and jump up the ledge in front of it. At the next lake, you can either continue forward, or you can climb up the ledges to your right and follow the path above. Both paths will take you to the Level End Sign at the end of the passage.

Points of interest

Extra lives

  • An extra life can be found on top of the large tree at the start, which Tails and Knuckles can fly/climb up to easily. To get there as Sonic, take the upper route at the start, and cross two of the waterfalls. Turn left to see a platform on the opposite side of the lake. To get there, you must do a running jump and thok. Jump up the next ledge and take the diagonal yellow springs up to the tree, where you will find the extra life.
  • Inside the lake at the start, there is an extra life underneath the waterfall nearest the ledge opposite the starting area.
  • At the large deep lake in the lower path from the start, jump in and go to the other side, where you will find an extra life surrounded by rings.
  • When you get to the large outside room after leaving the cave, turn around to face the wall with four square openings. Jump into the lake and go to the far right corner against this wall. There you will find an extra life surrounded by rings.
  • An extra life is hidden in one of the tree trunks near the end of the tree-covered passage. This tree trunk is in the middle of the passage, and the opening with the extra life faces the opening to the next area.
  • After leaving the tree-covered passage, you will see a raised platform and a moving platform to your right. Use one the yellow springs near it to propel yourself up onto the raised platform. Wait until the moving platform goes down, then jump on it and take it up to the higher ledge above the main path. On top of this ledge are some rings and an extra life.


  • On the upper path at the start, there is a hidden tunnel which can be accessed through entrances hidden in the first two waterfalls. Inside this passage are some rings and a Liquid Shield.
  • A Whirlwind Shield is in plain sight on the upper path at the start, just after taking the yellow springs up to the top ledge.
  • Go into the right tunnel while in the cave. Before the drop down, there is a small bustable wall hidden on the left side of the tunnel. When you have found it, go inside to find a Whirlwind Shield.
  • An Attraction Shield surrounded by rings can be found on the highest platform in the large outside room before the second checkpoint. This is accessible by taking the left tunnel while in the cave.


  • As soon as you splash out of the water into the cave near the beginning of the level, a pool will be right in front of you, housing an invincibility monitor.
  • When you get to the large outside room after leaving the cave, turn left to see a small ledge with an invincibility monitor against the wall. If you are Sonic, you must make a running jump and thok, or charge a spindash and jump, to get to this ledge.

Emblem locations

  • Sonic: This emblem is hidden between the four bushes on the platform with the Attraction Shield.
  • Tails: In the large outside room after the cave, go to the ledge with the invincibility monitor. If you turn left and look up, you will see a hole inside the wall. Fly up to this hole to get the emblem hidden inside it.
  • Knuckles: When you reach the point in the cave that splits into two tunnels, look for a high up ledge attached to one of the pillars. Climb up to it to get the emblem on top of it.

Technical data