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MAP84: Dual Fortress Zone



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MAP84, Dual Fortress Zone, is the fifth Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It is set in a rainy valley, with castles on each end serving as bases. It is one of the oldest CTF stages made for SRB2, having been featured in most SRB2 versions since Demo 4.


Weapon rings

There are 2 Automatic Rings and 4 Homing Rings in the map. The automatic rings are located on a ledge above the front gate of each castle, on the outside. You can reach them by jumping from the castle rampart or climbing the stairs from one of the rooms on the side in the middle. The homing rings are located in each indoor room of the castle, except the flag room.


The auto and homing rings can be quite powerful in this stage. Grab them whenever possible, lest they be used against you.

Grabbing the enemy flag

Take one of the two paths, and just keep going forward. As you get to the castle entrance, you will notice the flag sitting behind a large open window; there are also two rooms by the sides of the stage for walking up there. Ironically, even though Tails and Knuckles can simply glide or climb up the window to get to the flag, any expert Sonic user can thok through the rooms quicker than Tails or Knuckles can climb.

Bringing the enemy flag back to base


The way you came from is a quick way to come back. The main area tends to be more popular than the rest, however, so be wary to opponents.


If you want to be cautious, you can wimp out on the fights by jumping into the moat and traveling to the other castle from that point onward. There is also an entrance to it on one of the sides of the middle part of the stage, if you feel like you would want to do the overworld path for half of your journey back and then switch to the moat.
Tip: Since moving underwater tends to be sluggish, you can jump repeatedly out of the water (and back in) to gain speed across it.

Hugging the sidelines (and leaping across platforms)

A trick not known by many is that by climbing the stairs of the entrance, you can leap from the highest and closest brick to the platform which the automatic ring lies (and vice versa). With enough skill and speed, you can use this trick to steal the automatic rings quickly and return to your base with style, maybe even leaving your opponent behind.

Hiding yourself with the enemy flag


This doesn't necessarily help to hide you, but collecting the large pile of rings at one of the middle sides of the stage is a great way to keep you from running defenseless without ammo. Tip: This is a moderately popular area, so you may not want to stay for long. Just get what you need and then seek shelter.

Beyond the waterfall

Both castles have a waterfall that feeds the moat guarding the entrance. Use sayteam to try to get a teammate to fly you up there, then jump into the small entrance. You should now be inside a small, very unnoticeable room for hiding peacefully. To make things better, you'll also be provided with a Liquid Shield Monitor to defend yourself.

In the moat, by the waterfall

Pretty self-explanatory. Not foolproof, but anyone going into the moat won't see you from far away.

Hanging from the rows of wood

Inside one of the rooms with homing rings, you can use sayteam to try to get a teammate to fly you up to the wooden platforms. Unless someone's paying attention to every little brick in the room while walking by, you're nearly invisible. This is also a great way to run to your flag quickly when someone returns it.

Protecting the flag

Homing and Auto

It's been said before, and it should be stressed again: get the special rings. Even if you have no use for them, your opponents can just as easily use them against you.


Guard the front of the entrance, either on the bridge or sitting on top of the entrance wall. There's really only three ways to get in (moat, platform leaping, and the obvious way), and they're pretty close together, so you should be able to at least stall them easily.

Beside the flag

If all other forms of defense fail, guard the flag directly. If it's worked in any other stage, it should probably work in this one.

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