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MAP83: Metal Star Zone



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MAP83, Metal Star Zone, is the fourth Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. The stage is set on floating platforms in space, with large sniper towers holding Rail Rings, and the flag out in the open. It was originally entered into the January/February 2006 OLDC, where it won with a score of 8.71.


Weapon rings

There are 4 Rail Rings in the map, all located in the sniper towers. Be careful springing up there, as it's easy to be shot down while springing up, or by the person in the sniper tower.

In the middle of the level on one side is an Infinity Ring.

Random Monitor

On the central platform is a Random Monitor.


Monitor bouncing

From the towers on either side of the base, it is possible to monitor bounce from one side of the map to another. While this leaves you open to rail rings, it is also much quicker and altogether less risky than the typical route because less time is spent in the line of fire.

Offensive sniper towers

Sniper towers can be used offensively by simply using them to deny the opposing team control of the middle and their own sniper towers. By watching one or both of the towers on the opposite side of the map, a player can effectively prevent the other side from easily gaining rail rings and firing back. In this case, the strategy benefits the entire team, because it decreases the opposing team's ability to defend their own base.

Defensive sniper towers

Sniper towers can be used defensively in several ways. One of which is to snipe incoming players who are either monitor bouncing, or using the set of diagonal springs in the middle. In either case, once the incoming player hits the spring or monitor, they lose a great deal of precision over their control, making them a much easier target for a Rail Ring.

These towers can also be used to defend against opponents who are already inside the base. By positioning oneself between the two beams of the tower toward the middle of the base, the sniper can greatly reduce the chances of himself being hit from the opposing towers, have a clear shot at the other tower across the base and have a good fire arc over the entire base.

Abuse the death pits!

There is nothing more effective than shooting a player while they are over a death pit. It removes their powerups and rings, sends them back to their own base and frustrates them all in one swift stroke. In addition, as you do not lose points for falling in a death pit in CTF mode, you can jump into a death pit yourself to easily get back to your base, if needed. Keep in mind this will cause you to lose your rings, shield, and the flag should you have it.

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