1.09.4:Sapphire Falls CTF Zone

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MAP88, Sapphire Falls CTF Zone, is the ninth Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It consists of two copies of Sapphire Falls Zone, with a few passages connecting them and caves serving as bases.


The power-ups are in the same location as in Sapphire Falls Zone, but since the stage is mirrored, there are two of everything in the stage.


Grabbing the flag

The best way is to take the path on the sides of the stage for travel. While you technically can get to the other side by crossing an underwater tunnel in the middle of the stage, it's much slower, which makes it far too inconvenient for going places.

Bringing the enemy flag to base


The same way you took for getting to the enemy base is a good way to come back; only thing worth noting is that the sides of the stage are a fairly popular spot, so the chance of bumping into an opponent is rather likely.


The pond mentioned earlier, while inconvenient, is often a safe travel route since it isn't visited very often. You'll probably want to take this when the enemy has your flag as well, since this path takes time anyways.

Hiding yourself with the enemy flag

Red spring plateau

Taking the red springs up to the cliff at the top of the stage is a good way to keep yourself from getting noticed for a short while. The chances that you could stay there long are relatively low, though, since the ring monitors and special ring make it a popular spot.

Underwater tunnel

Just as risky as the plateau technique, but not like there's much of a better way of hiding. The underwater tunnel supplies you with air bubbles, so while others would rather get out of there as soon as possible, it's possible that you could stay there for about three minutes bopping the two monitors beside you.

Protecting the flag

Unless you have an Automatic Ring combined with an Infinity Ring, there isn't really much you can do to keep the flag from being grabbed other than ambushing the player when he comes inside your base. Unfortunately, if he's a skilled Sonic player, he can come and go from your base in only a second, so you have to be quick....

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