1.09.4:Iron Turret Zone

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MAP85: Iron Turret Zone



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MAP85, Iron Turret Zone, is the sixth Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It is set in a mostly empty THZ-themed valley, with concrete bases to each side and several sniping towers. It is one of the oldest CTF stages made for SRB2, having been featured in most SRB2 versions since Demo 4.32.


Weapon rings

There are 4 Rail Rings and 2 Explosion Rings. There are Rail Rings in the entrance to the side sniper towers and inside each base on the upper floor, near the tower. The explosion rings are on the opposite side of the base as the staircase, in the grass.

Random Monitors

There is a random monitor in each base, next to the flag. The Silver Ring in the center of the stage does not respawn randomly.


Grabbing the enemy flag

The stage is pretty simple to figure out. While Tails can spindash-jump to the other base by flight, Sonic can still just as quickly make it by thokking.

Bringing the enemy flag to base

Turret hopping

Go into the rooms in the side which lead up to the central turrets. Go inside, face the turret of the base closest to you, charge up a spindash and jump! If your spindash is fully charged you should land directly in the other turret. Opponents rarely suspect this, and as a bonus you get a Rail Ring from the side turret! You are not very vulnerable when moving that fast, and it's a good way to get from base to base without being hit.

Monitor bouncing

Monitor bouncing is fairly tricky in this stage, as you can only reach the monitor from one base by spindash-jumping. If you do it successfully, then you'll have probably completed your trip to your base in five seconds.
Tip: As an alternative method, you can also use this technique from the base tower. While this may be just as tricky, if not trickier, to pull off; if there is an opponent in front of the other base, you can hit the monitor from your tower and bounce all the way to the other tower, making it inside the base from the other route!

Hiding with the enemy flag

The springs up to all four turret towers are a rather effective way of keeping from getting hit. While it's rather hard to stay still, if you can make yourself bounce on a spring without falling off eventually, you can not only be quite unnoticeable, but you'll also be able to expect an opponent and either run away on time or shoot him before he gets you first. Though you can always stay behind the spring and escape with it when someone approaches, it contains a considerably higher risk of getting hit compared to the former strategy, in which case you probably will have to hit him and flee at the same time.

Protecting the flag

An almost abused strategy for keeping the flag safe is staying unnoticed inside your own base behind a corner, waiting to ambush a player grabbing the flag. Only problem with this is that its popularity makes it rather predictable, so your enemy probably won't be surprised by it.

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