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MAP80: Silver Cascade Zone



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MAP80, Silver Cascade Zone, is the first Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It is a very open, rectangular stage, consisting of massive concrete bases over a central water pit. The flag rooms are hidden behind waterfalls.


Weapon rings

There are 8 Rail Rings on the map, 2 on the upper floor of each base, next to the pillars, and 4 in the lake in the center.

Random Monitor

There is a randomly respawning monitor in the center of the stage, on a floating box in the middle of the water, over a bottomless pit. Watch for people when jumping for it, as a hit will generally lead to being knocked into the pit.


Grabbing the enemy flag

There are a number of ways of getting to the enemy base.


If you're Sonic and this is your first time playing the stage, the first thing that might come to your mind is, "How do I reach from one base to another with this character?" If you don't prefer the other ways, then the common way is a pair of underwater passageways leading to the other base. You can delve to the center part of the stage (without falling into the bottomless pit, of course), and once you spot it, the rest should be self-explanatory.


If you're Tails, you can easily fly to the other base in fifteen seconds and already grab hold of the flag. However, if you want to save time, you can hold the spindash button for a few seconds and start flying right after you release the spindash button. This gives you an extra boost, cutting off your trip time by about five or six seconds.
Tip: Feel untrustworthy with the flag? Use the above strategy, and all the while, fly someone else!

Monitor bouncing

If you're skilled at bopping things from faraway, you can take advantage of the monitor in the middle of the stage with Sonic and jump from one base, right onto the monitor, bouncing right to the other stage. Difficult at first, but if you master this, then you can save time and the risk of being shot in the process. Monitor Bouncing is even handier when you have the flag!
Note: If respawnitem is over 15, you may want to refrain from doing this.

Spin dash

Go to the edge of the ledge which leads to the pool where the bottomless pit is. Then charge up a spin dash; release; and you will get to the other side of the bottomless pit.

Bringing the enemy flag to base

Same as getting to the enemy base, however, note that with the flag, flying and gliding are no longer an option, so moving from base to base can be harder than usual.

Hiding yourself with the enemy flag


Materials supplied underwater are often taken for granted; therefore, nobody bothers to stick around there. If none of your opponents tend to wander underwater, then feeding on underwater bubbles for a while may be the trick to a safe leisure with the flag.
Tip: Due to its obviousness to anyone in the central area, this isn't exactly foolproof. If somebody notices you and wants to take the flag from you, shoot them quickly. If they don't fall into the pit, then start spindashing and get out of there.

Along the horizontal structures

If you've ever noticed, there are some pretty high platforms above that only Tails and Knuckles can land on themselves. If you have enough time to spare, sayteam someone to fly you up there. Like the underwater areas, nobody really bothers to visit them often; unlike the underwater areas, nobody "accidentally" falls there anyway. Hiding there takes twice the time but halves the risk.

Inside your base

You can be safe inside here, but your teammates must know techniques to guarding the base. See "Protecting the flag".

Protecting the flag

Blocking underwater passageways

Occasionally, you may spot an opponent taking the underwater passageway to your base. The springs underwater tend to make you very vulnerable to the people ready to shoot you. When they come up into your base by bouncing on the springs, you can easily shoot the person back down into the hole. With some luck, his/her temporary invincibility may have ran out by the time they came back up from bouncing off the spring, and you can shoot them again.

Attacking the air units

Flight is a common use in this map, but so are Rail Rings. If you have mouselook, first-person, and a crosshair enabled, you can grab a rail ring and snipe Tails or Knuckles, if your aiming is accurate enough.

Teasing the monitor-bouncers

As explained earlier, monitor bouncing in this stage is a very powerful technique of getting from one area to another with Sonic. If any of your opponents are skilled at this, then it can be quite important that you bop the monitor immediately when it respawns. As a bonus, you would get whatever powerup they would have gotten otherwise.
Tip: Don't even bother with teleportation monitors. All the players are going to be scrambled no matter what, so there isn't much point in getting it before someone else.

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