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MAP82, Cloud Palace Zone, is the third Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. Its theme is based on Aerial Garden Zone. Most of the stage consists of a large, multi-layered temple area floating above a death pit, with the bases extending to each side. The only way of accessing the flag from below is via red springs, which makes the bases a strong focus of action in the map.


Weapon rings

In total, there are eight automatic rings and one infinity ring. The auto rings can be found behind the corners of the main temple as well as the second floor; the infinity ring is on the top floor, directly in the middle of the stage.

Random Monitor

There is a randomly respawning monitor in the center of the stage on the bottom floor.


Grabbing the enemy flag

Technically, there are two good ways of running to the enemy's base and stealing its flag, but they take relatively the same path anyway.


Best taken as Sonic or Knuckles. The path simply consists of running as fast you can (thokking repeatedly, if you're Sonic), avoiding falling into the bottomless pits, going into the enemy tower and launching yourself with the red springs provided.


As Tails, charge up a spindash for two or three seconds and fly straight toward the enemy base. This is useful as Tails due to the fact that he can't run for crap.

Bringing the enemy flag to your base

Because this stage has multiple floors as well as multiple pathways, there's more ways to capturing the flag than rushing out into the open fire, risking getting shot multiple times by four opponents simultaneously. Try different techniques and strategies to see how you can bypass the need to run straight forward to your base with the flag.


The bland and crowded route back to base is the path that runs in a straight line to the other base. Even on the first floor, it's fairly easy to avoid fights as long as you keep moving; since most people like running in straight line most of the time, it'd be wise to stick to the paths on the side while running toward your base. An alternative is to take half of the road on one side, then bounce off the monitor and switch to the other side, making a sort of S-shaped route to base.

Second floor

This is probably the path most worth taking for two main reasons: it's nearly as quick as the main route, and rarely would you ever see an opponent on the same floor unless you're wasting time or he knows which routes you take. There are also a few tricks about both getting onto this floor as well as being on it.

Leap of faith

If you're aiming on saving time while getting to the second floor and back to base, there's a faster way, though trickier, on getting there rather than the yellow springs. Right as you get the flag, charge up a spindash and make a speed-jump toward the palace; if you do it right, you'll have saved about five seconds on taking the safe route back home. If not, you're okay, as long as you didn't fall into the bottomless pit.

Monitor bouncing

The classic trick mentioned in previous maps. Simply useful for getting the monitor item and bouncing back to the same floor.

Hiding with the enemy flag

Behind your base

Self-explanatory. Hide yourself right at the back walls of your base, and there's a likely chance that no one will think of looking there.

On the base window

As you go up your base using springs, hit the ceiling of the window, and stay right on top of the window. Not very useful when an enemy comes up your base, but it at least buys you some time to get out of there if they see you.

Lowest floors of them all

At the sides of the middle area with the special monitor, there a couple of low areas that provide you with sixteen or so rings, but are otherwise very unnoticeable.

Protecting the flag

There honestly aren't many techniques to guarding the flag compared to other maps. However, a rather popular strategy is simply waiting for someone to spring up to your base, then surprise him/her with a red ring.

Tip: It's more convenient to hide at the edge of the flag platform behind the wall so that you can hit him quickly without having to turn a different direction; if you're in the center of the stage, you won't have enough time to turn around if you're facing the wrong direction.

As Tails or Knuckles, you can go to your base, and flag-toss the flag to the FOF above the springs, then fly or climb up and recollect the flag. While you are still in the open, this area is somewhat safer as a lot of players won't look up there. If you keep an eye on your base, you can easily see any potential threats coming.

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