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MAP81: Lime Forest Zone



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MAP81, Lime Forest Zone, is the second Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It takes place in a forest, with trees holding the bases and a lake with branching bridges in the middle. It is the most basic CTF level in SRB2, being small and straightforward, but also featuring a secondary path from base to base. The bases are narrow and intertwined, making defense very strong in this map. This stage is the first level designed for CTF mode, and was featured in most versions of SRB2 since Demo 4, where the gametype was introduced.


Weapon rings

There are 4 Rail Rings on the map, located just outside each base, up above the yellow springs.

Random Monitor

The random monitor is located in the center of the map, just underwater. If it's a shield that will dissipate in water, make sure to either bounce on top of the monitor or jump out of the water before the shield takes effect.

Silver Ring Monitor

There is a Silver Ring monitor on the opposite side of the base as the secret passage, on an upper area. There are very few rings in this stage, so make sure to take advantage of it.


Grabbing the enemy flag

There isn't much to this. The only good way is to travel straight onward into the enemy base by using the overworld path provided.

Bringing the enemy flag to your base

Monitor bouncing

At first, bouncing off of the monitor from a couple feet doesn't seem like it would do anything. However, due to the physics of SRB2's water, bouncing off of it from the grassy bridge will literally send you flying into the air and make it extremely difficult for opponents to hit you. You can easily take advantage of this and bounce right to your base in one giant leap.


If you feel that it's too unsafe to go galloping into the open field where the enemy team will be waiting to pounce you and return their flag, look inside the base you're in and drop down into a little underwater passageway. At the end of the underwater tunnel, you'll be given a chance of fresh air in the center field, in which case no one will see you until jump out of the water. If nobody happens to see you during your escape underwater to the field, you can take the other passageway straight ahead and once again advance home by crawling underwater. Otherwise, be prepared for combat when you reach the center.
Tip: Almost nobody is ever in the water tunnels, though if you feel you need to be in a hurry, you can use spindash-jumps to increase your speed under the water and save time in the tunnel.

Hiding yourself with the enemy flag


Naturally, it's a good idea to stay inside your base if you want to be safe, as long as it's a clever hiding spot. In any case, that little well inside there that was mentioned earlier is not visited often, and is a pretty decent hiding place, as long as you keep an eye on both your opponent and your breath.

By the Super Ring Monitor

Fairly unnoticeable, and you get an extra 50 rings for each minute you stay there. Again, you can stay safe, as long as you keep a ready ring with you when an opponent approaches.

Protecting the flag


As long as you have rings, you can simply watch your flag the whole time and shoot anyone that attempts to grab it. The spring to the flag can make them vulnerable on their way up, but going down isn't much different when you're five feet away from the flag.

Sniping from afar

As long as you're experienced with rail rings, blocking the enemy's path near the center field should be no problem with the provided special rings. In fact, it may be useful to snipe from in front of your base rather than from the ledge. Less aiming would be required, anyway.

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