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SRB2CB featuring slopes.

SRB2 Community Build (abbreviated as SRB2CB) is a source code modification for Version 2.0 made by Kalaron, although the project had been started before Version 2.0's release. Its goal is to provide an alternative SRB2 engine for both players and modders alike. SRB2CB's features include functional slopes, PNG support (allowing for full color graphics), bots and extensive improvements to OpenGL rendering, among others. SRB2CB is primarily OpenGL-based, therefore most new features have been designed for or can only be used in OpenGL.

Current release information

  • Current version: 1.1 (July 05, 2011)
  • SRB2 codebase: 2.0.4
  • Available at: SRB2 Message Board
  • SRB2 Doom Builder configuration file: Download

Game engine features

OpenGL rendering

Main article: OpenGL

OpenGL rendering has been extensively improved and new features have been added for it. Since many of these features only work in OpenGL, Software rendering is unsupported. The game automatically launches in OpenGL, but Software rendering can still be enabled by launching the SRB2CB with the -software command line parameter.

Revamped OpenGL renderer:

  • OpenGL mode is capable of displaying nearly all level effects with little to no visual errors.
  • Render optimizations: you can look in all directions with no disappearing objects and the framerate got a 300% boost compared to SRB2's default OpenGL renderer.
  • Much richer colormap effects
  • Coronas.
  • Sprite shadows that stay in one direction (enabled using shadows 1 in the console).

OpenGL tips:

  • Turning fog mode on is recommended.
  • Fog density of at least 64 is also recommended (console gr_fogdensity 64).
  • The game automatically starts in OpenGL mode.
  • If the game gives an error when you start it up in windowed mode, try running it in full screen, or try changing SRB2CB's resolution in your config.cfg file or autoexec.cfg file.

Windows 8 and 8.1

A workaround is required in order for the OpenGL renderer in SRB2CB to function correctly on Windows 8 and 8.1.

You must enable the Compatibility Layer for Windows 7 in order to prevent SRB2CB from crashing when the OpenGL renderer is used.

Inserting "set __COMPAT_LAYER=WIN7RTM" in a batch file that launches SRB2CB will handle this for you, and is recommended, but right-clicking on srb2cb.exe and setting it manually also works.

Motion blur

A motion blur visual effect is now applied (exclusively to OpenGL) whenever the player is moving quickly enough with the Super Sneakers powerup, or whenever the player is moving fast enough upwards or downwards. This can turned on or off via the new console command MOTIONBLUR.


SRB2CB is capable of rendering PolyObject flats (exclusively to OpenGL). They are rendered by default. However, mappers can configure a PolyObject's First Line to not render the top and/or bottom of the PolyObject if they wish. If the Bouncy Wall flag is checked on the first line, the PolyObject's bottom will not be rendered. If the Transfer Line flag is checked, the PolyObject's top will not be rendered.


Main article: 2.0:SRB2CB/Slope

Slopes are a key feature unique to SRB2CB. These are implemented with their own special collision and physics, and can freely be used in custom modifications for SRB2CB. However, rendering of the slopes themselves is exclusive to OpenGL.

MD2 models

Custom character MD2s and 'on the fly' MD2s are also supported. It's possible to use multiple player MD2s at the same time.

As of SRB2CB v1.1, MD2 models can cast shadows, but this feature is still incomplete.


Bots are computer-controlled players that have been programmed to play Co-op and Match, but don't support Race, CTF and Tag. Bots were first introduced in SRB2JTE, but their artificial intelligence has been vastly improved for SRB2CB.

In SRB2CB, they use their abilities in Coop mode and are just a bit smarter in Match mode, they are also stable and are a lot less likely to crash the game. However, Knuckles bots can't climb up walls.

Single Player and Coop

  • Not fully working on Single Player. Forcing the game to add them (see ADDBOT) will make the game stop recording data.
  • They follow the player.
  • They can be helpful. For example, Tails bot can be useful to fly the player over obstacles, just like in S3&K.
  • They can collect rings and destroy enemies. They don't go for monitors, but they still can break them.


  • General: collect rings and break monitors, but they can't use weapons or emeralds (unless a Recycler Monitor is broken).
  • Match and Team Match: they fight the player and each other, even in team match.
  • CTF: they can't join the game by their own unless server or game admin enforce it. The team system is not working properly.
  • Race: they behave like in Co-op, therefore, no actual race.
  • Tag and Hide & Seek: They can't join the game by their own unless server or game admin enforce it. Once joined, they behave like in Match. Tagged bots still try to shoot each other.

New skin colors

In SRB2CB, six new skin colors were added to the skin colors that already existed in Version 2.0, raising the total from 15 to 21. Furthermore, the ranges of colors used for Silver and White were altered slightly.


Editing features

Thing types

Linedef types

Sector types


Main article: 2.0:SRB2CB/Console


  • TX_START support and PNG support while using TX_START.