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MAP30, Mario Koopa Blast Zone Act 1, abbreviated as MKB1, is a secret level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4, which is unlocked by completing the Single Player campaign with all seven Chaos Emeralds on Normal difficulty or higher. The level is a 3D tribute to the Super Mario Bros. franchise and features many typical elements from these games, such as coins, ? blocks, pipes, Goombas, Koopa Shells and the Fire Flower power-up. Mario Koopa Blast Zone utilizes SRB2's own Mario mode to emulate the Mario gameplay style.


First path split

At the beginning, you can either proceed forward or use the platforms in front of you to reach the pipe leading into the wall to your left.


Jump onto the platform in front of you and into the pipe going into the ground. You will land in an underground room with another pipe going up on the other side. Take the red spring below that pipe and turn left to be thrown up to a ledge filled with Goombas. Proceed through the pipe tunnel in front of you, turn left and continue until you reach a large death pit.


Jump onto the platform in front of you and turn left. Jump across two other platforms to enter the pipe going into the wall and drop down to the floor below. Exit through the pipe to your right and take the yellow spring. You will reach a large death pit with a floating platform in front of you.

Second path split

Jump onto the floating platform and then to the moving platform next to it. Turn left to see another moving platform. Wait until the two platforms are lined up and then jump to the other one. Let it carry you up to a pipe and enter it. Turn around at the red spring and use it to reach a higher level of the pipe behind you. Walk out of the pipe and follow the ledge until you reach a pipe leading into a dark dungeon. Here you can either climb up the platforms and pipes floating above you or exit the room to your left.


Take the red spring in front of you and let it throw you through the pipe. After exiting the pipe, a floating platform will be in front of you. Press forward to reach it and use the yellow spring to reach the platform leading into the pipe above you. Walk through the pipe to reach an outdoor room with a large staircase to the right. Walk up the staircase and jump off at the top to end the level.


After exiting the room to your left, you will end up in an even darker room. Jump up the ledge to your right to reach a pit. Jump across the platforms in the pit to reach a ledge with ? blocks. Jump on the platform to the left, which will allow you to reach the top of the lowest ? block. Jump across the ? blocks to reach the opening above. Then turn right and take the red spring to exit the dungeon through the pipe. You will end up in an outdoor room with a large staircase. Walk up the staircase and jump off at the top to end the level.

Points of interest

  • Hit the ? block in the first room to reveal a Fire Flower. Use the platform next to the ? block to reach the top and collect the Fire Flower.
  • Take the forward path at the beginning. In the next room, you should see a row of ? blocks. One of them, approximately in the middle, contains an Attraction Shield.
  • In the room with the large death pit where the first path split rejoins, look to the right from the first moving platform to see a high platform. Either jump down to it from the ledge at the top of the room or use the red spring on the small pillar in the pit to reach it. Depending on the difficulty level, this platform contains different monitors: Two ring monitors are present regardless of difficulty level. In Easy difficulty, the platform also contains an extra life and an Armageddon Shield. In Normal difficulty, it contains only the Armageddon Shield. In Hard difficulty and above, it contains a Whirlwind Shield.
  • In the dungeon room with the floating platforms and pipes, get to the top and then turn around. Above the exit to the left, you should see a small platform with a ? block next to it. Stand on that platform and spindash-jump under the block to get an extra life in Easy and Normal difficulty, and invincibility in Hard difficulty and above.
  • Take the left path at the second path split. When you reach the death pit, jump to the platform in the right corner. In Easy and Normal difficulty, it contains an Invincibility Monitor. In Hard difficulty and above, it contains a Whirlwind Shield instead.
  • In the same room, take the yellow spring to your left when entering to reach a floating platform. In Easy difficulty, it contains an Attraction Shield and two ring monitors. In Normal difficulty, it only contains the ring monitors. In Hard difficulty and above, it only contains a few coins.
  • In the center of the last room is a square of four ? blocks. One of them contains an Inferno Shield.

Technical data