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MAP16, Red Volcano Zone Act 1, abbreviated as RVZ1, is a secret level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It is an early version of the first act of Red Volcano Zone, the sixth zone in the game. In v2.0, it was added to the game as a regular level in a more polished state. RVZ1 takes place in an underground volcano and features lava as the main hazard. Unlike in later versions, the lava is not solid on top and can be fallen through. The level uses lava in several distinct ways to pose a threat, including intermittently falling lava curtains, rising and falling lava, and fireballs. Crumbling platforms also appear in several spots throughout the stage. No enemies are featured in this stage.


Unlike the other maps, which are stored in srb2.srb, RVZ1 is stored in soar.dta. The map's VERTEXES and SECTORS lumps are stored in an encrypted format, preventing map editors from displaying it properly. If you try to warp to RVZ1 via the console after modifying the game, the game will crash. To unlock RVZ1, you must complete the Single Player campaign three times, with or without Chaos Emeralds. Finishing CEZ3 and viewing the credits counts as completing the campaign, so in order to speed things up, you can start at CEZ3 by using a save slot or the unlockable level select.

After completing the campaign for the third time, go to Greenflower Zone Act 1 as any character. Once you reach the row of spikes, turn around and look to your right. You should see a small opening that leads to a side area of the lake. In front of you is a ledge with a diagonal yellow spring. Jump across the pillars in the lake to reach it. The spring will propel you to a cliff above the corridor area. After landing on the cliff, turn around to see another cliff with a house on it. Walk onto the bridge extending from this cliff and turn left from there. In the distance, you should see a high-up area near the first Star Post with a pool of water. To reach it, charge a spindash and jump immediately after releasing the spindash. Next to the pool of water, you will find a red brick of house.

If you jump on the roof of the house three times, RedXVI will appear in front of the door, asking: "Hey! Who's making all that racket?" If you touch him, he will call you out on disturbing his sleep and say "Go to hell!". After a few seconds, you will die and respawn in RVZ1. Note that this will not work if the game is modified, for example by using cheats or adding a WAD file. After completing RVZ1, you will be sent back to GFZ1 and may continue normally.


NoteIcon.png Note
Avoid falling into the lava in this level at all costs. Most of the lava pits are very deep and have no springs to get you back up if you fall in. Even when they do have springs, they can be hard to find because the lava is covered in a bright orange colormap which makes it hard to see.

First half

You start the level in front of a lava lake with three platforms floating on its surface. An extra life is directly on front of you, allowing you to regain the life you lost by dying in GFZ1. Once you jump on the first platform, the lava will start to rise. Make your way across the platforms quickly to reach the exit before the platforms crush you against the ceiling. You will enter a cave with a low ceiling. Continue forward until you reach a large gap in the floor, which presents you with a path split: You can either jump down or cross the gap.

Lower path

After jumping down, enter the cave to your right. Walk through it and drop down another hole in the floor to reach a room filled with lava. In front of you is a large gray platform, which will crumble when stepped on. Jump and thok to it and then jump to the ledge to your left. Now jump across the broken bridge while dodging the fireballs that jump out from under it. Turn left and use another crumbling platform to reach a ledge with yellow springs.

Take the springs to reach a room with lava that periodically rises and falls. In front of you are several platforms that you must jump across. The first and fourth platforms are safe from the lava, but the other ones will be submerged when the lava rises. The exit to the room is blocked by a platform that floats in the lava. Wait until it has reached its lowest point and then exit the room. In the following hallway you must dodge several curtains of intermittently falling lava. After exiting the hallway, continue forward until you see a Star Post to your right. Here the paths rejoin.

Upper path

To cross the gap as Sonic, use a spindash-jump and then thok in the middle of the jump. You will reach a room with lava that periodically rises and falls. Wait until the lava is at its lowest point and then jump across the four platforms in front of you to reach the exit. The lava won't reach the fourth platform, so that one is safe to stay on. In the next two rooms, you must jump across several platforms that crumble when stepped on. Eventually you will reach a bridge made out of crumbling platforms. Make your way across it.

At the other end of the bridge, you must drop down a small cliff in front of you. Then jump across a lava pool to reach a curtain of intermittently falling lava. Wait until it is gone and then jump to your left. Now just must jump across a broken bridge while dodging fireballs that jump out from under it. At the end of the bridge is a row of springs, and another lava curtain behind it. Use the springs immediately after the lava has disappeared and land on the ledge with the first Star Post. Here the paths rejoin.

Second half

Walk past the Star Post to enter a room with a shallow pool of lava. Jump across the platforms extending from the sides to get to the other side. In the next room, you must make your way across several platforms floating in the lava. They will sink when you stand on them, so only stay on them for a very short time to avoid sinking into the lava. Jump across the platforms to reach a corridor that eventually leads to a room with two curtains of intermittently falling lava. In front of the curtains are crumbling platforms. Jump to the first crumbling platform shortly before the lava disappears, and then jump to the next crumbling platform while it's gone. Wait for the second lava curtain to fall and then jump into the entrance to a hallway in front of you, which leads to the second Star Post.

The next area consists of a lava river with two shores. Follow the river on the right shore until you reach a cliff. In front of you, you can see the remnants of a bridge that was destroyed by intermittently falling lava. Jump down the crumbling platforms to your left and then turn right to reach a platform in the lava, and a second platform from there. Now you will be able to see the other end of the broken bridge in front of you, which hangs down from the wall. You must make your way across several small stepping stones to reach it. Jump up the steps of the bridge and continue forward to reach a room with a large platform floating in a lava pit. Use one of the diagonal yellow springs surrounding the pit to reach the platform. The lava will rise, raising up the platform with it. You'll get hurt by the lava, but the level will end right afterwards.

Points of interest


The upper path features a shortcut that allows the player to skip a large part of the level. In the room with the crumbling bridge, stand on the first part of the bridge and wait for it to fall down. Jump up shortly before it hits the lava to avoid getting hurt. The platform will float on the lava. Turn left to see the opening to a tunnel. Jump to the tunnel and follow it until you get to a hole in the floor which is filled with a lava current. Next to the hole are an Extra Life Monitor and an Invincibility Monitor. Grab them and then jump into the lava. The current will take you to a ledge with an Super Ring Monitor. Jump to the ledge in front of you to end up at the room with the two falling lava curtains and the crumbling platforms.

Extra lives

  • An extra life is right at the start, allowing you to regain the life you lost by entering this level.
  • At the lava river, after the room with the two curtains of falling lava, jump across the river to reach an extra life.


  • In the room with the rising and falling lava on the lower path, go to the second safe platform and drop down to the left once the lava is at the lowest point. A diagonal red spring attached to the bottom of the platform will propel you to a platform with an Inferno Shield on your left.
  • In the room where both paths merge, there is a large platform that goes up and down in the lava. It contains a Whirlwind Shield.
  • In the room with the sinking platforms after the paths have merged, look to your left when you are on the third platform. On the far side of the room is a small pillar in the lava with an Attraction Shield on it.

Technical data