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MAP32: Mario Koopa Blast Zone Act 3




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MAP32, Mario Koopa Blast Zone Act 3, abbreviated as MKB3, is a secret level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0, which is unlocked by completing Mario Koopa Blast Zone Act 2. It is a Mario level in 2D mode that is loosely based on World 1-4 from the original Super Mario Bros. game, featuring a battle against Bowser at the end.


You have no coins for most of this level, so avoid getting hit at all costs. Two fireballs are bouncing up and down over the lava pit to your right. Jump across the pit when the fireballs are down. Then continue along the small platforms, avoiding two more fireballs, until you reach a platform with a ? block, which contains a Fire Flower. Jump onto the moving platform when it goes up to reach the high ledge (optionally jumping on top of the ? block to grab the Fire Flower). Use the moving platform on the other side to get back down, but jump off before it reaches the lava. The lower path is blocked by Goombas. If you have the Fire Flower, you can shoot fireballs to kill them and clear the path. Otherwise, you must take the yellow spring to reach an opening near the top. Go near the Thwomp blocks to trigger them and then jump over their heads. Stand on top of the third one to reach the high ledge and then walk past the last one when it's down. Don't go too far to the right or you will fall into the Goombas below. Continue to the right and climb up the staircase. From now on, you will have to dodge Bowser's flames that are coming from the right. Continue until you come to another staircase, collecting coins along the way. Climb up the staircase to reach a bridge that Bowser stands on. When you come near him, he will throw hammers at you. Jump over Bowser and into the Axe, which will lower the bridge and open the door next to you. Continue forward to reach the end.

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