Hidden Chain

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Thing type 1108, Hidden Chain, is a type of Thing that creates a chain that players can hang on and control. It is a special version of the regular spinning chain used in Castle Eggman Zone Act 3 that is initially invisible and intangible on map load. To make the chain appear in the map, outside means have to be used – e.g., in CEZ3 itself, linedef type 442 (Change Object Type State) is used in Eggscalibur's pinch phase to force all Objects of type MT_HIDDEN_SLING to switch to their next state, which will automatically make them appear in-map. The same linedef special can also be used to make the same Objects disappear (permanently) afterwards, as also done in CEZ3 when the Eggscalibur is defeated.

As the hidden chain is not used in conjunction with linedef type 9, most of its stats are fixed. The player cannot change the speed of the rotation nor rotate the chain sideways. The angle which the chain spawns at is determined by the Angle of the Thing when placed on the map.

Checking the Ambush flag makes the chain links twice as big.