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"Colormap" redirects here. For the WAD lump that adjusts the palette for light levels, see Palette.
An example of a red colormap flooding an entire sector.

Linedef type 606, Colormap, is a type of linedef special which floods every tagged sector with a specific color at a desired intensity. This effect is commonly used to give water and other liquids a colored hue when inside them, but is also used for many other visual effects.


The color and intensity used is taken from an HTML-like hexadecimal color code, specified in the front side upper texture of the special linedef. The format used for the color codes is #RRGGBBA, where RR, GG, and BB are two hexadecimal digits for determining each color: red, green, and blue, respectively. The A at the end stands for "alpha", and is a letter indicating the intensity of the colormap from A–Z, with A being the most transparent and Z being the most opaque. Lowercase letters a–z can also be used, as they act exactly the same as the uppercase letters. Note that the alpha value is optional – if no alpha value is given, or anything besides letters is used, the colormap's alpha value will default to full opacity (Z).

By default, all generated colormaps will fade towards black (#0000000) as the brightness level in a sector decreases towards total darkness. This can be modified by additionally supplying a color code in the front lower texture field, in the same format detailed above for the front upper texture field – if one is given, this color will become the new color the colormap fades to instead of black. This can be used to create fog effects.

The front middle texture field can also be used to set extra colormap settings. Unlike the other texture fields, the format used here is #ABBCC, where BB and CC are two-digit decimal numbers indicating starting and ending "colormap" numbers for the linedef's colormap to fade over. These must be within a range of 0–30 and 1–31 respectively (defaults are 0 and 31) – 0–31 are the 32 different brightness levels for the Software rendering mode, while 32 and 33 are unused by SRB2 (see COLORMAP) and cannot be selected. The A at the start is a single-digit number from 0–9 (default is 0). It toggles on or off certain lighting-related features for the colormap. If it is set to any value other than 0, fog block-like plane lighting will be used for translucent FOFs and PolyObjects, if the colormap is applied to their control sectors – this enables the top and bottom planes of such an FOF/PolyObject to use the control sector's brightness level instead of being displayed at full brightness. If a value of 2 is used, an additional effect is applied: sprites with the FF_FULLBRIGHT frame flag will always be displayed at full brightness under the planes of affected translucent FOFs and PolyObjects, rather than being treated the same as sprites without FF_FULLBRIGHT. A value of 0 will have neither of these features.

It generally does not matter what sector the special linedef is tagged to, but tagging two colormap specials to one sector is not recommended, as this can cause problems.

Common colormap values

For a more complete list of colormap values, see Color codes.
Usage Colormap Fade color
Alarm floodlight (red) #FF0000Z #0000000 (default)
Flip-gravity FOF (light blue) #00AAFF0 #00AAFF0
ERZ2 teleporter (yellow) #999999D #FFFF00Z
RVZ lava (orange) #FF7F00Z #FF7F00Z
Acid (green) #999999D #00FF00Z
THZ goo water (lavender) #CF7FCFZ #0000000 (default)
Old THZ slime (purple) #E000E0S #0000000 (default)
Generic water (blue) #40A0FFJ #0000000 (default)
ACZ water (dark blue) #0004FFJ #0000000 (default)


Example WAD: ex_ld606_colormap.wad
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