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Demonstration of how linedef 63 works.

Linedef type 63, Fake Floor/Ceiling Planes, is a type of linedef special which creates two fake planes, a fake floor and a fake ceiling, in every tagged sector. The tagged sector's actual floor and ceiling will not be visible, although they will be tangible, and the fake planes will be intangible. This effect is useful for hiding secrets, creating invisible collision detection, or creating a fake thok barrier.


The floor and ceiling height of the control sector are the floor and ceiling height of the displayed fake planes. The actual planes are defined by floor and ceiling height of the target sector, and those are the ones that the player collides with. Flats are also set in the target sector. You may also add middle textures to the tagged sector and adjust their offsets to create fake walls, allowing you to create flowerbeds and railings with more efficient collision and less graphical errors than with FOFs.


Example file: ex_ld063_fakeplanes.wad (MAP01) 
  • The sector to the left of the player is a normal fake floor, raised at 32 units. Because the sector has no middle textures to obscure the edges of the fake floor, it appears to "bleed" into the surrounding sector. The sector to the right of the player uses middle textures with a -32 offset to prevent this from happening. The sector in front of the player is a fake floor rendering the floor at 0 units, but the actual floor is at 32 units.
How to use
  • You may load this file into your favorite map editor, such as Zone Builder. Select MAP01 as the map to load.
  • You may also load this file in the game:
    1. Save ex_ld063_fakeplanes.wad into the addons folder of your SRB2 directory.
    2. Start SRB2, go to the Addons menu, and then select ex_ld063_fakeplanes.wad.
    3. Start the game in Single Player mode.
    4. Press the Console button (~), and type in the command MAP MAP01 to access the example map.
  • When you load this file in the game, it replaces Greenflower Zone Act 1.

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