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MAP99: Titlemap



MAP99, Titlemap, is the backdrop used in the title screen of Version 2.2. Currently, it simply contains the skybox for Greenflower Zone Act 1 and Greenflower Zone Act 2. Replacing this map with a WAD or PK3 file will create a custom backdrop for the title screen. A good example of this would be to load Version 2.0's zones.dta into 2.2, which will cause the titlemap to be replaced with Meadow Match Zone, as it was MAP99 at the time. Things may be placed within the titlemap without any issue, and will show up accordingly.

Special behavior

  • Alternate View Points have special behavior when placed in a titlemap. Placing a view point in the map will cause the camera to render the environment from it without the need for prior setup. Because the player doesn't exist on the titlemap, the view point's cusval is used instead as the vertical aim of the camera, ignoring linedef type 422's front X texture offset. Linedef type 422 notably doesn't require a player when used on the titlemap.

Technical data