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The Year of Nights was the year the Official Level Design Contest received at least one NiGHTS level per contest. The levels are as follows:

January/February 08

MAPA9 - Endless Mine Zone by Glaber
Author's Notes: Endless Mine was my first ever NiGHTS Circuit stage. At this time I was experimenting with both hoops and NiGHTS Circuit And so I thought "Why not do Endless Mine from sonic 3?" The stage may have gotten a bad rating, but it also served as a platform to launch into Barren Ambition and Medivo Circuit N.

MAPAA - Wacky Track Zone by SonicMaster
Author's Notes: This was made to have crazy turns and twists as well as a lot of speed and obstacles. It is my first winning map, as well as my only leaderboard map. This is going to be a regular level in SRB2Riders.

March/April 08

MAPA5 - Barren Ambition Zone by Glaber
Author's Notes: Barren Ambition was originally named Desert Dream. In order to come up with a more NiGHTSish name I consulted a Thesaurus. This wound up being my second Nights track.

May/June 08

MAPA6 - Backwards Race Zone by SonicMaster
Author's Notes: Originally, I was going to try to push out the old Perpetual Wasteland gimmick in a way that wouldn't be confusing by naming this One Star Post Zone. Then I realized something: there would be incessant paraloops. So I decided to have this stage go backwards only. Visuals were inspired by Aero Shrine Zone Act 1. Also, like in Wacky Track Zone, I tried to make sure there were plenty of obstacles.

July/August 08

MAPAD - Medivo Circuit NiGHTS by Glaber
Author's Notes: This level wound up not being as polished as Barren Ambition due to being a bit rushed to continue the Year of Nights and being rushed right out of level maker's block. The reason I did this was I saw that SonicMaster had to withdraw his NiGHTS entry due to it being in the same category as another of his submissions. I wasn't about to let the string of Nights levels be broken yet.

September/October 08

MAPAD - No Name Forest by Glaber
Author's Notes: Created to continue the Year of Nights, this stage is devoid of the orange hoops and had a rough layout done so as to prevent delays with coming up with the track's shape. Unlike what happened with Medivo Nights. Like the name suggests, the level takes place in a forest. The good news is that it is not Battle Woods Zone.

MAP01 Skyline Paradise Zone by fawfulfan
Author's Notes: The level was meant to combine two rare level elements: NiGHTS and DCZ Textures. There is a pretty long walking stretch before the Mare, and a custom sky texture (which is actually an image of the skyline of Sydney, Australia). Certain stretches of the mare, however, were cramped, and some others were bland. The general consensus of the SRB2 Community was that, while certain elements of the level were cool, the design was too poor to really have fun. It was also a tad too easy to get points. Additionally, there was an End Level Sign--highly unusual for a NiGHTS course.

November/December 08

MAP01 - End Year of NiGHTS by Glaber
Author's Notes: Created to be the end of the Year of Nights, this stage is now taking Sonic Master's stage's place. This stage is based off of the final levels of both NiGHTS games and will clearly show it. The music choice comes from Nights into dreams. the lamppost in use for this level actually is a modified version of the one found in SRB2 Christmas.