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Thing type 3401, Shrink Monitor, is a monitor exclusive to XSRB2 that shrinks the player upon its destruction. Shrunk players can still collect items, but can't destroy normal-sized or big enemies – spinning into them causes the player to bounce off. The effect lasts for 30 seconds, then the player reverts to normal size. If the player is stuck in a space smaller than they can normally fit in when this item wears off, they will be crushed to death.

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Trigger Linedef Executors:
Check Player's Scale – ContinuousCheck Player's Color – ContinuousSector Ceiling Comparison – ContinuousSector Floor Comparison – ContinuousGolf – Count Strokes – Once
Trigger Linedef Actions:
Launch PlayerDamage ObjectTemporary Player Color Change

Conditional Instant KillBOSSX4 Effect Sector

Springs and Fans:
Blue Spring (Ceiling)Diagonal Blue SpringDiagonal Blue Spring (Ceiling)
Unnamed Boss – Boss X1EGGrid – Boss X4Boss X1 WaypointBoss X4 Turret
Item Boxes:
Combi-ringShrink MonitorGiant Monitor