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MAP72, Emerald Coast Zone, is the third Circuit level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It is set on a grassy coastline, featuring many sharp turns and subtle elevations. The layout is roughly taken from Fertile Canyon Zone, but the original GFZ theme was scrapped, and many alterations were made to the map.


At the start, jump onto the rocks in front of you and make a left turn. Proceed along the coastline until you reach the Star Post. You can proceed either by jumping across the rocks in front of you or by jumping through the tunnel at the right. In either case, try to get down to the ground as soon as possible or you will run into a beam. You can turn either left or continue forward at this point. In both cases, you will run through a cave with several puddles of water and end up at another beach area. At the Star Post, take a sharp left turn, followed immediately by a U-turn to the right, during which you should jump. Hit the diagonal yellow springs in the corner to propel you up the ledge. Then make a U-turn and continue until you reach the beach again, where you have to make a left turn.


There is a shortcut located high above the beach just next to the first Star Post. On the cliff to the left, fly or climb up the beige wall to access it. You have to cross two deep puddles of water with a Star Post in-between and then jump through a hole in the wall to end up directly at the last beach area.

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