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MAP73, Toxic Citadel Zone, is the fourth Circuit level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It is set in an abandoned castle with a toxic water supply. This level appears in the same form as it was first presented in v1.09.4.


You start at the castle entrance, with a long flat hallway in front of you. At the end of this hallway, you must make a sharp right turn and jump up two small steps. Note that the second step is too high to be reached from below, so you have to use the other one as a stepping stone. Then you must jump over a pool of slime to reach the exit on the other side. The gap is nearly impossible to clear with one jump unless the user is playing as Sonic. A very accurate thok might help to clear the gap or run you into a wall if you miss, so you should land on the lower platform after the pool and then jump up to the exit. After a right turn, you must jump across two small puddles of slime, and then turn right. Then, jump across another pool of slime and turn to the left twice. You end up in a corridor which contains a right turn and step up at the end. Take caution at this point, as a pool of slime is located right behind the turn. After crossing the pool, you end up in a cave with an exit to the right. Pass through the tunnel, which makes a subtle right turn, and jump to the left when exiting into the outdoor part. After a U-turn, you will end up back at the castle entrance.

Note that there are no shortcuts in this stage, so using Tails or Knuckles is a bad idea.

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