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MAP74, Frozen Night Zone, is the fifth Circuit level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It takes place in a frigid, starlit fissure. It contains freezing water that will damage you on contact, and narrow walkways of slippery ice that make navigation substantially harder. This level received a couple of minor visual tweaks but is otherwise unchanged from its previous appearance in v1.09.4.


Start by turning a U-turn across the wall and running across the narrow walkway to get to the first Star Post. Jump up the ledges to get the second Star Post. Then, run across the zigzag walkway to touch the third Star Post. Jump up to the ledge to touch the fourth Star Post, then climb down and turn right, jump up the ledge and touch the fifth Star Post. Then U-turn on the ice and the lap is complete.


Seeing as how over half this map is ice (and therefore nearly tractionless), thokking is recommended as a way of making sharp turns. However, as there is lots of water, this is also dangerous. Therefore, you have two choices: Take risks and thok to turn, or attempt to wrestle with your character and turn on the ground. Other than that, the level has only one route, so there isn't much else to look after. Like in the previous map, Tails and Knuckles are effectively useless.

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