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MAP75, Metallic Hall Zone, is the sixth Circuit level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It takes place in a factory with multiple paths, containing damaging electric floors and conveyor belts. This level appears in the same form as it was first presented in v1.09.4.


At the beginning, jump forward but don't fall into the electric floor. Then make a right turn and try to jump to the exit in front of you. If you miss the jump, you will have to jump back up, which costs you time. Stand on the conveyor belt and follow it to the right, but watch out for an exit to the left immediately afterwards. From there, turn right again and take a row of springs leading up to another conveyor belt. Go to the right, against the direction of the conveyor, and follow its path. At its end, try to jump to the upper conveyor belt in front of you. If you miss it, you must go under it and run around it, which costs you some time. In either case, turn right and you will end up at an electric floor with small sideways conveyors in it. You will end up at another conveyor leading you left, where you have to take another row of springs up to a higher conveyor belt. At the end of this, jump down a staircase while making two right turns, and you will end up at the finish line.


There are two shortcuts in the stage for Tails and Knuckles. At the first conveyor belt, simply fly or climb up instead of going left. Similarly, at the sideways conveyors, fly up through a hole in the ceiling to end up directly at the last conveyor belt.

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