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MAP70, Burning Sands Zone, is the first Circuit level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It is set in a sand temple environment, featuring quicksand and flamethrowers as obstacles. It is a reworked version of Quicksand Ruins Zone from v1.09.4, with several added obstacles and a complete re-texturing.


You start out with a bundle of rocks in your path. You can either try to go around them on the left, where you must jump over a quicksand pool, or jump across them, where you risk missing a jump and slowing down. Then you climb up two steps and enter a building to the left. The entrance is guarded by falling sand and flame jets. Try to avoid the falling quicksand at all costs, since it can take several seconds to escape it. In the building, you must make an S-shaped turn. When exiting the building, you have to avoid more sand falls and flame jets. You will then have to run through a large pool of quicksand with flame jets in it. As Sonic, thok after every jump to make it through quickly. As Tails or Knuckles, use the bridges above the pool. At the end of the lap, you have to make a small jump across some rocks.


As Tails, you can bypass most of the building and its S-turn by flying up a high ledge just to the left of the first quicksand pool. Then, you must make a turn to the left and jump over a pit of quicksand to reach the second Star Post and then building exit.

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