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MAP71, Race Alley Zone, is the second Circuit level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It is set in a factory environment, featuring both regular and toxic water. It was originally entered into the July/August 2006 OLDC, the very first contest to have a Circuit division. It won its division and holds the record for the highest-scoring Circuit map with 8.86.


You start out on a slightly elevated ledge, with a gate below and in front of you, and an arrow pointing forward. Pass through the gate and turn to the right. In the next room, you have to cross a pool of water. It can be cleared by a precise thok at full speed, but you may risk falling in. Alternatively, you can jump between the metal pipes on the sides to avoid the pool entirely. Then, after another right turn, you have to navigate through a zig-zag course enclosed by walls. Thokking at the right spot improves you time, but you risk jumping into a wall. Next up is a pool of slime that is crossed twice with a staircase in-between, followed a set of crates you have to navigate through. It is best to stay in the right half here, since that will end you up heading left and into the next turn. You may want to thok at the second row of crates, but be careful not to thok straight into the third set. After the left turn, there is a gravity field that sends you to the ceiling. The best way to clear it is to jump before entering it and thokking/flying/gliding as soon as you are high enough. As Sonic, backpedaling after the thok may prevent you from flying into the wall. Then, make a U-turn and enter the next lap.


Above the gate at the start, a shortcut tunnel can be accessed to the right which allows you to skip the water pool segment and get directly to the zig-zag crate room. It contains fans and wind pushing you backwards, and is thus unusable as Tails. As Knuckles, you can climb up and use the glide to resist the wind. As Sonic, you can bounce on the Random Monitors below the finish line to reach the shortcut and then thok through it to avoid the wind.

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